View Full Version : What is the relationship? - if any

Muggins in Sussex
12-12-07, 18:05
My maternal grandmother, had another daughter, I think by a man who was not her husband (and who later professed to having "adopted" my "aunt")

Am I related to this man? ( I sincerely hope not!!)

Just wondered


Merry Monty Montgomery
12-12-07, 18:07
Well, he's not your blood relative, so in a family history sense the answer is NO.


Merry Monty Montgomery
12-12-07, 18:08
However, you are related to his daughter........

Little Nell
12-12-07, 18:09
Your grandmother's other daughter would be your half-aunt and her father no connection at all, either by blood or marriage.

Merry Monty Montgomery
12-12-07, 18:09
Has he married your grandmother, he would have been your step-grandfather, but if he didn't...........