View Full Version : BMD Certs with original signatures - LRO or GRO?

11-12-07, 20:42
I'm sure I've seen a thread advising on this, but I can't remember.

Which is the best option for sending for certs? I'd like to have a photocopy, which will have the original writing, including signatures - I thought I'd remembered that people said to apply to the LRO, but I sent off to Basingstoke and had a phone call to tell me that they'd just copy the entry by hand, whereas the GRO would send a photocopy.

Come on, I want your advice! (I'm dying to send off for the certs now - I'm so excited to have found some new leads!)


Olde Crone Holden
11-12-07, 21:15
....but if you don't ask, you'll never know!

I always ASK for a photocopy and almost always get it, from the local RO of course.

If you don't ask, then they will just copy it the easiest way for them.


Merry Monty Montgomery
11-12-07, 21:26
I don't like this abbreviation - "RO"....it's too confusing as people use it meaning Record Office or Register Office!!

As Tom said any cert obtained from the GRO will NOT have your rellies signatures.

For birth and death certs with sig (for the informant) then you will need to apply to the local register office.

For marriage certs you can either apply to the local register office, or, if you know the venue for the marriage you could try the local County Record Office for the copy of the entry which will be in the Parish registers. This can be cheaper, esp if the CRO (County Record Office) is within reach for you to visit. You could also order the film of the parish registers through your local LDS (Latter Day Saints) Family History Centre.

Local register offices are usually very helpful, but sometimes they are unable to supply a marriage certificate if you don't know the venue. Also London register offices often don't deal with family history enquiries at all :( So, sometimes there's no alternative to getting a cert via the GRO.

If your rellies signed with an X you won't get their signatures, obviously!!! If you are getting a cert from the local register office, ask if they can photocopy the register (as OC said), or you may still end up with no signatures!

11-12-07, 23:17
Thanks for your replies Tom, OC and Merry.

I did think I'd read that the Local Register Office was the best option, and I do now always add a bit in the letter to request a photocopy and explain why, but the ones I've dealt mostly with - Birkenhead and Basingstoke - won't, or 'aren't permitted' to photocopy. :(

Pity my rellies come from those areas! (Apart from my g'g'father - from Ireland! Gulp! Not attempting that area, yet!)

I'll look into the County Records option for the future, but in the meantime I'll forgo the signatures, just so I can get the rest of the details on the certs.

Thanks again.