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Val wish Id never started
11-12-07, 13:49
sudden Erysipalas of Nose there was an inquest .

Grampa Jim
11-12-07, 13:53

Erysipelas is a superficial bacterial skin infection skin generally
caused by Strep A bacteria. It can spread with alarming rapidity as
it invades the cutaneous lymphatics.

While some classify it as a "form of cellulitis," it actually can be differentiated by the clear lines of demarcation of the infection.

Symptoms include marked lines of infection, fever, pain, an overall achy feeling and swollen lymph nodes. Most cases involve the legs, and the second largest number of cases involve the face.

Like any type of infection a lymphedema patient experiences, antibiotic treatment needs to start immediately so as to prevent septicemia or bacteremia.

So it looks like he must have died from Septicemia

vikki brace
11-12-07, 13:54
Erysialas is a skin desease similar to Celulitis, and that it is a streptococcal infection

Potentially fatal systemic toxaemia may occur in patients who remain untreated

it is normally treated with antibiotics
Med library header> (http://mednet2.who.int/gsdl/collect/whot/eml/file0192.htm)

vikki brace
11-12-07, 13:56
Val, I find these 2 web sites really useful for translating death cert

Diseases Front Page (http://www.sedgleymanor.com/diseases/diseases_front_page.html)

Archaic Medical Terms (http://www.paul_smith.doctors.org.uk/ArchaicMedicalTerms.htm)

Val wish Id never started
11-12-07, 13:56
thanks for that,
I have just noticed in the when and where died column that she died in a Sick Asylum what on earth is that ?? and where would it have been the death is registered in Bromley

vikki brace
11-12-07, 14:00
is that Bromley Kent or Bromley Middlesex?

vikki brace
11-12-07, 14:04
Poplar and Stepney (Poor Law) Sick Asylum, Bromley Middlesex later became known as St Andrews Hospital, Bow

The patient records for Poplar & Stepney Sick Asylum (also known as Sick Asylum Bromley) are held at the

Royal London Hospital Archives and Museum
London E1 2AA

Tel: 020 7377 7608
Fax: 020 7377 7413
Email: jonathan.evans@bartsandthelondon.nhs.uk (jonathan.evans@bartsandthelondon.nhs.uk)

http://www.brlcf.org.uk/archivesandmuseums/bartsarchiveandmuseum/bartsarchiveandmuseum_contact.html (http://www.brlcf.org.uk/archivesandmuseums/bartsarchiveandmuseum/bartsarchiveandmuseum_contact.html)

Val wish Id never started
11-12-07, 14:20
oh you are good Vikki thanks a lot

Durham Lady
11-12-07, 14:52
This link is good and explains about Sick Asylums.

www.workhouses.org.uk - The Workhouse Web Site (http://www.workhouses.org.uk/index.html?Poplar&StepneySAD/Poplar&StepneySAD.shtml)

11-12-07, 15:40
this also lists some sites to decypher the med terms on certs


Little Nell
11-12-07, 19:59
My gt x 2 grandfather died of erysipelas.

Tricia Green
13-12-07, 21:29
Snap Nell

Mine as well.
It was apparently also known as St Anthony's Fire.


Val wish Id never started
13-12-07, 21:44
doesnt it sound awful poor things .