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Gill D
10-12-07, 19:21
I understand that during World War II when a soldier was awarded a medal that this woudl have been printed in the London Gazette. I am searching for the record relating to my husband's late uncle and unsure how to search for this notification. I understand that the medal was noted on 9 March 1945 but can find no record of it in the journal. I have also looked on the next edition which I think is 13th March 1945.

Haven't explained myself very well but does anyone have any experience of such a search.


10-12-07, 20:38
It depends which medal. If the normal sort of medal it probably wouldn't be listed, but if a gallantry medal, then it may be. Often the date may be later than you think, so just put his name into the search with a wider date range.

Gill D
10-12-07, 21:06
I am now not sure whether its for his military medal that he was awarded or whether it would be his commission. Do you know if comissions would have been recognised in the London Gazette? This is a whole new world to me!
Thanks for your help.

Merry Monty Montgomery
10-12-07, 21:53
Yes, they would.

Would you like to give us his name?? :)

Merry Monty Montgomery
10-12-07, 21:55
Presumably he got the MM before he was commissioned, as the MM is for "other ranks" ??

Gill D
15-12-07, 17:52
Hi, sorry been away for a few days and just got back. The person I am looking for is John Richard Cross, he was in the Essex Regiment. I know that he was discharged to commission in Feb 1945 and received the MM at Monte Cassino, Italy. I seem to have hit a dead end on info for him and was hoping to gather as much as I could before I see my in laws at Christmas to be able to give them my findings and hopefully make them smile! Any help gratefully received.

Merry Monty Montgomery
15-12-07, 18:14
Is his army number 6014454?? The Essex regiment??

Merry Monty Montgomery
15-12-07, 18:18
There's this.....

Supplement to the London Gazette, 24th Aug 1944 Page 3924

The Military Medal (this heading is on the previous page)

No 6014454 Sergeant John Richard Cross, The Essex Regiment (London E12)

Not sure if the link will work.....

Gazette Website: PDF Navigator (http://beta.gazettes-online.co.uk/ViewPDF.aspx?pdf=36668&geotype=London&gpn=3924&type=ArchivedSupplementPage&exact=john%20richard%20cross)

His name is just over half way down in the left column.

Merry Monty Montgomery
15-12-07, 18:23
I've tried searching his army number for the whole of the war period, but haven't found anything else.

Gill D
15-12-07, 18:29
Thanks so much, you will make an old lady very happy, believe me! I am now trying to find any records of what he actually did to be awarded the medal. I have visited the regiment museum, who were very helpful, but did not have any info they could give me. Would you have any suggestions as to where I could look. thanks again.

Gill D
15-12-07, 18:31
Do you know if his commission would have been noted in the London Gazette or other such papers?

Merry Monty Montgomery
15-12-07, 18:40
Do you mean he was upgraded from an NCO (non-commissioned officer - sergeant is an NCO rank) to a commissioned officer, some time after Aug 1944??

It should be in the gazette. (but I haven't seen anything yet)

You could apply for his army record. This should tell you quite a bit (hopefully!!) Is the old lady you mentioned his widow? If she is then she can apply and get his record for free (usually about £30) but they can take a while to arrive, though possibly quicker with the army number.

Christine in Herts
15-12-07, 22:38
He's on Documents Online:

Name Cross, John Richard
Rank: Serjeant
Service No: 6014454
Regiment: 1/4 Battalion The Essex Regiment
Theatre of Combat or Operation: Italy
Award: Military Medal
Date of Announcement in London Gazette: 24 August 1944
Date 1944
Catalogue reference WO 373/7
Dept Records created or inherited by the War Office, Armed Forces, Judge Advocate General, and related bodies
Series War Office and Ministry of Defence: Military Secretary's Department: Recommendations for Honours and Awards for Gallant and Distinguished Service (Army)
Piece 3 Aug-5 Oct 1944
Image contains 1 item for the catalogue reference

Image Reference 234 / 1366

Gill D
16-12-07, 16:02
Thanks to you all. I have downloaded the document from Documents Online which advises why he got the medal.

The old lady that I referred to Merry is my mother in law, his sister, who absolutely idolised him when he was alive.

So thanks again for your help in finding these documents. x

Christine in Herts
16-12-07, 18:16
I'm so glad. That's lovely news.


Gill D
16-12-07, 19:10
Hi Merry, In answer to your question according to records I have found he was discharged to commission in Feb 1945 and Commissioned P/341064 but have no idea what the number is.

Reading what I have typed through what I am trying to say is that he was an NCO when he got his MM and was subsequently commision on or around the date above.

Merry Monty Montgomery
16-12-07, 19:29
Gill....If you go to the Gazette search page:

Home (http://beta.gazettes-online.co.uk/home.aspx?GeoType=London)

and enter 341064 into the Search Archive box (don't put the P in front as this isn't always quoted)......you should get 11 matches, the majority of which are for J R Cross!!

Gill D
16-12-07, 19:50
Thank you. Now have his record following his commission and he even enjoyed a stint in the RAF which we didn't know about. I had spent hours searching through the London Gazette earlier in the week but did not think of putting his number in and was searching under his name which came up with very little.

Thanks again.