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10-12-07, 15:19
Hi Folks,

Some folk might remember my query a few days ago the districts in various parts of Holborn/Clerkenwell in Islington? I had received two siblings birth certs which were incorrect - Eliza Turner and sister Alice Turner.

Joy of joys, I received the correct certs this morning which now gives me a 'full house' of my Grandfather's siblings (as far as I know)!

I took a real chance in this Eliza birth cert as I was going by the various censuses which gave her birth as 1865. Sure enough, this Eliza Louisa WAS born in 3rd quarter of 1865, and the right parentage, but I do have the marriage cert for her parents which wasn't until 1866. My query is: would they have registered Eliza with the father Daniel Turner's surname (he was the informant) but also state on the cert that the mother was 'formerly Elliott'? Was this common practice, or were Daniel and mother Eliza just a bit airy-fairy with the legalities...........?


10-12-07, 15:23
Chrissie, it sounds as though he was pretending to be married to the mother.

Little Nell
10-12-07, 17:14
You can say whatever you want when you register an event. In those days they wouldn't check - and it would be legal to give a child any surname you fancied!

Little Nell
10-12-07, 17:28

Yes, sometimes you need to give yourself a pat on the back for being able to sort out the tangles our ancestors got into!

I am eternally grateful for Fiona who found my husband's gt grandfather James Carter as James McCarthy in a census, which enabled me eventually to discover that he'd started off as Dennis McCarthy!