View Full Version : Ancestry Trouble Again ????

Jean and Tonic
09-12-07, 19:22
Please.........Is anybody having trouble with ancesty .... viewing the originals .

blooming thing ........ feel like chucking the lot through the window ........£$%^&*()..... that's a swear word.


09-12-07, 19:26
Seems to be working ok for me today, Jean ....... so far!!!

Jean and Tonic
09-12-07, 19:28
Thanks Bev.........hope it's not just me.......

09-12-07, 19:30
Errrr ......... forget what I just said - now getting Error Processing Report pages one after another!!!

Crafty Sue
09-12-07, 19:31
I'm having same problem Jean :( I too thought it was just me!

Jean and Tonic
09-12-07, 19:34
Thanks all.......... great.....I was starting to panic.. I'll go and watch emmerdale and corrie.

09-12-07, 19:59
I'm having trouble too:(

I'm tempted to ask them for a discount on renewal as I am not able to use their site.

This last few weeks have been terrible!


09-12-07, 20:25
Yeah I'm getting the same when I try to view the original image.

Error Processing RequestNo dbInfo returned from service !(8767)!

Please try the following:

<LI class=aserroritem>Click the http://c.ancestry.com/i/content/goback.jpg Back button to try another link.
Click the http://c.ancestry.com/i/content/refresh.jpg Refresh button, or try again later.xx

Mavis by the Moor
09-12-07, 20:41
I'm getting it as well, probaqbly slightly better than that supercilious child!!!

Just Barbara
09-12-07, 21:39
Me too, VERY annoying, will we get a refund cos we can't get in??