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09-12-07, 00:58
HO107; Piece 1018; Book: 4; Civil Parish: Barham; County: Suffolk; Enumeration District: Bosmere and Claydon Union Workhouse; Folio: 17; Page: 2

George Adams age 15.
Can you tell me what it says in the next column. It looks like Taylor but looking at other letters on the same page it could be a capital S. He was a shoemaker on all other censuses.


Rachel Scand
09-12-07, 01:10
Can't find him .... sorry

could you re-check the details and maybe copy and paste the link ?

09-12-07, 02:34
Sorry, I can't find him either.

09-12-07, 06:15
Hi Kat

yes I think it is TAYLOR, the T looks similar to those in the name Thomas but different to the S in Schoolmistress/master. Perhaps he did not suit being a tailor, and a shoemaker is a sort-of related occupation.


Lyn A
09-12-07, 08:37
Looks like Taylor to me, as well.

09-12-07, 15:50
On the fourth page there is a Harriett Tailor with the same curly T so I guess that's correct. There is also on another page an guy with occupation Tailor where the y has been corrected to an i, so that confirms it .

Thanks all.