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08-12-07, 22:43
hi all

i wonder if any one can help me find this man

i have this one my tree
james harrison Birth: 18 feb 1806

Christening: 23 fim 1806 in Frimley, Surrey

but another person who tree i am trying to match with has james being born in 1796 which is what the census say

so i thougth i have made a mistake and when on igi to check and james was not there. so where did he go?

the other person has the same parents william and maria and the same 1st name for his wife elizabeth

so we have got the same info from some where i just cant remember where

can any one help

Pippa Doll
08-12-07, 22:47
Just to add that the baptism may not have taken place when they were a baby. I have been transcribing some baptisms where the children have been around 8 years old and born 50 miles away!

08-12-07, 22:51
could be as i did have 3 kids done on that day

one still there jane
but elizaberth is missing same as james

but there were twins and tripets in the family


Pippa Doll
08-12-07, 22:53
Also sometimes information gets rotated on familysearch which has happened to me before!

Christine in Herts
08-12-07, 22:55
I've heard people say before that the database on the IGI doesn't seem always to have the same contents... They knew only because they'd got a print out of the original info, and then it wasn't there when they went back another time. The suggestion is that it's cycled, so that all the data is available over time - just not all at once.

I think this idea is a bit strange - but that doesn't necessarily mean it isn't true.


Pippa Doll
08-12-07, 23:02
Here is the batch number for Frimley:c037911

Pippa Doll
08-12-07, 23:06
I can only see 2 entries for Jane with those details?

08-12-07, 23:11
hi thanks for batch no i found elizabeth

and that jane

her and elizabet have come 2 times

and yes more harrison came up with your batch no than did with one i was using

so maybe the cycled, thing true
maybe i just have to wait till it james turn