View Full Version : Where was Houndsditch for 1841?

Christine in Herts
07-12-07, 23:45
Presumably in Ossulstone Hundred - but which of the Districts?

I'm trying to track Joseph COHEN b 1800-1 Aldgate [1851] 1799-1800 [1861]
and his wife, Elizabeth, b 1810-1Walthamstow [1851] 1807-8 [1861]

They're mostly at 124 Houndsditch - as a tobacconist (1849-1866... for censuses and directories)but at No 136 for 1846.

Any inspiration would be welcomed. I'm making a bit of headway on my niece's paternal tree.


Little Nell
07-12-07, 23:52
Husband's Jewish lot were in Middlesex Street (Petticoat Lane) which is the next street parallel to Houndsditch moving eastwards, and that was in Whitechapel, Tower Hamlets.

Little Nell
08-12-07, 00:01
These are the sub-registration districts for Whitechapel in 1841
Goodmans Fields
Mile End New Town
Whitechapel Church [12 enumeration districts]
Whitechapel North [has 20 enumeration districts)
(source 1841 England Census - Ancestry.co.uk (http://content.ancestry.co.uk/Browse/list.aspx?dbid=8978&path=Middlesex.St+Mary+Whitechapel))

08-12-07, 00:41
It's a funny one, because although it's just outside the city walls, ( it supposedly gets it's name because Londoners used to throw their rubbish over the wall, and the dogs would scavange it from the ditch) it is still part of the city of London.

I'd say it would be either part of Bishopsgate or Aldgate city Ward in 1841. That said my g-g-g grandad was born in Swan Court which was also in Aldgate, but over the City/Whitchapel border, some of Aldgate is, or has been at various times, in Whitechapel too. That might have been the case with Houndsditch as well.

08-12-07, 10:11
Houndsditch in 1841 is in Aldgate HO107/725 mostly in bks 2 and 3. I have the London 1841 on disc, purchased from S&N and the street index shows numbers 115 - 150 Houndsditch with ref HO107/725 bk 3 folios 11 to 16

Christine in Herts
08-12-07, 15:10
Thanks, Judith

By using your info, I've found some COHENs at 136 Houndsditch - which ties in with the 1846 directory address. There's even a Joseph - but a bit young, really, though not impossibly so (shows as 30+ instead of 35+ or 40+). He doesn't have the expected family - but perhaps I should have a look and see if they're with maternal grandparents, or something...

The change from 136 to 124 could just be street-renumbering, of course.


Little Nell
08-12-07, 15:35

Glad you found some folk - though with the Jewish lot, Cohen is rather like Smith, you can't be sure if they are the right ones! I've found a lot of rellies seem to move house numbers, not sure it was street renumbering (and renumbering from 136 to 124 seems a bit odd to me).

Christine in Herts
08-12-07, 20:34
I know that COHEN is a less than rare surname amongst the Jewish community.

And 136 to 124 would be odd, but the JewishGen database has

P O 1846: COHEN, Joseph, tobacconist; 136 Houndsditch
P O 1849: COHEN, Joseph, tobacconist; 124 Houndsditch

which does seem a reasonable connection, and the second one ties in with the 1851 census (HO107/1524 fo110 p37).

But the Joseph in 1841 shows up thus:

HO107/725/3 fo14 p22: age 30+, watch maker; 136 Houndsditch

I'm more worried about someone switching from watchmaker to tobacconist. It seems odd to sacrifice a skill of that kind, unless tobacco were going to prove a significantly more lucrative job - or the bottom had fallen out of the watch trade... not very likely in an increasingly time-bound work-world.


Little Nell
08-12-07, 23:35
Interesting, Christine

My husband has several watchmakers on his non-Jewish side. His Jewish lot were all traders and many of them were fishmongers.

Of course the tobacconist may have made lots of money - more people would buy it to smoke or chew. Or perhaps he lost some dexterity and wasn't able to make watches any more. Or its not the same guy!