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07-12-07, 22:18
One of my first walls were the Horn(e) family here in 1851 ....HO107; Piece: 2070; Folio: 240; Page: 10; GSU roll: 87334.

John Horne Syresham c.1811
Jane Northants c.1818 (transcribed Harre)
Oliver Woolscott 1845
Omer Thurlaston 1847

Both children I found immediately on FreeBMD albeit Omer was transcribed as Om__ and therefore didn't worry about IGI (first mistake)
It was easy enough to follow Oliver through the census returns, but could only find Omer on the '61 nor could I find a death record
Parents John and Jane marriage (BMD) was straightforward thanks to Oliver's middle name Grubb, but on the census they were not to be seen and quickly disregarded as a couple of bricks.

This morning I thought to research them again, no idea why :confused:
Starting from the marriage of John and Jane I searched on IGI for the births of Oliver and Omer, and found Edward Omer Horn, I then found a sister Catherine c.1851 but no Oliver until I took out the parents names and he apppeared with father George and then found a possible sister Ruth Elizabeth c.1862

With these new details I quickly found John and Jane with Catherine transcribed as Hom in 1861, then widow Jane, with Catherine and Ruth (transcribed as Hom again) in 1871

But where was Omer?
Tried many variations before arriving here ........RG10; Piece: 246; Folio: 9; Page: 11
....and death in Pancras 1876 Homar Edward Horn age 30

Would you agree this is the collapse of my wall?

New wall
Omer's wife Elizabeth ...Ricthings???

07-12-07, 23:07
Well done,

certainly looks like something is crumbling..... nice feelin innit??

08-12-07, 00:28
There is a possible marriage on FreeBMD Sep 1869 Pancras between Edward Homer Horn and Elizabeth Ricthings - is that where you got it from?

08-12-07, 03:35
Hi Julie, when things fall into place it's a buzz all right ..... but what goes up .....


Kite, yes that's where I got her name from although it doesn't appear anywhere else, I think this may take some time to fathom out :confused:

08-12-07, 14:04
Ricthings doesn't seem to exist as a surname so it must be a mistranscription, but it is what it says on the GRO index, as far as I can see, and is in the right place in alphabetical order, but I think it is one of those typed indexes that replaced an old handwritten one, so it could have been misread at that stage. My guess would be "Ridings" because I know there is a fairly common surname "Riding" or "Ryding" so I should think it is a variant of that. I suppose if you got the actual marriage cert it would help.

08-12-07, 15:24
Do you think it could be Ritchings?? and just like us sometimes when we are typing we can type the letters in the wrong order?

teh, for example?

08-12-07, 15:32
I have found this:


Elizabeth Ritchings

1853 June Q


Volume 3a Page 35

Might be somehting?

10-12-07, 21:53
Hi Julie

'81 census has Elizabeth transcribed as born Somford Court Wilts, not sure on the Court though,
RG11; Piece: 219; Folio: 73; Page: 60

and the '71 says Gloucs. could be a border place