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Terry on a Rock
04-12-07, 10:37
Good Morning All

I have just received my renewal charge which amounts to £79:95. Last year I paid less than £60:00

Can any of the overseas Members guide me as to what I should be currently paying, taking into account that I am not liable for VAT.

Many thanks


04-12-07, 10:52
My renewal in Oz has just been quoted at £69.95, Terry.......I was going to try to negotiate it down , but laziness got the better of me :)

My sub is for ancestry UK only.

Terry on a Rock
04-12-07, 11:03
Hi Beverley

My sub is also only for Ancestry UK, so how come the difference in price :confused:

I will dig out my old bank statements to see exactly how much I paid last year and then have it out with them.



04-12-07, 11:05
Mine has also come up at £ 79.95.

Snowdrops in Bloom
04-12-07, 11:10
All ours in England were quoted at £70+ pounds (can't remember the exact figure) but a lot of us rang up and 'complained', bartering got it down to around £64 mark.

So I would be looking at the £65 figure, less VAT, for you. (I also got an extra month's sub on top 'cause I talked VERY sweetly to the bloke, but you may want to try it on a lady!! :))

Cliff inNZ
04-12-07, 11:12
I am in New Zealand. My sub is due next week at 55.96 UK pounds.

That plus 17.5% VAT would be 65.75 pounds

Terry on a Rock
04-12-07, 11:36
Many thanks for the replies.

I have checked my bank statement and last year only paid 59:53 so that is one heck of an increase. I will email Ancestry and let you know their reply.

Cheers the noo

Kath nr the Crooked Spire
04-12-07, 12:25
I haven't renewed my subscription yet but I've received 2 emails offering a discount of 20%. The current price being 79.99. The discount would bring it down to 63.96.

04-12-07, 13:16
I got mine - new sub for £55 earlier in the year and quite a few people got their renewals reduced to about that without vat.

Can someone bring back the thread?

Elaine ..Spain
04-12-07, 13:20
I think the thread has probably been deleted by now JBee. I did a search earlier and couldn't see it.

04-12-07, 13:49
I have had my renewal this morning

$99.95 for UK/Ireland subs = £48.44

I dont reckon thats too bad for a yr (oh, my subs is with .com)

04-12-07, 13:53
Thanks for looking Elaine.

Terry I would still try and get it for £55 as you don't pay vat.

Don't know if you have a phone number to ring but if you have ring them and if they don't give you a good deal ring back again a day or so later and you might get a better deal.

Can't remember the uk tel no everyone used.

What's it like on the Rock today - when I was there the border was closed it was rather claustraphobic.

Snowdrops in Bloom
04-12-07, 13:56
I have had my renewal this morning

$99.95 for UK/Ireland subs = £48.44

I dont reckon thats too bad for a yr (oh, my subs is with .com)

Blooming 'eck Julie - that IS good!!!!

Right, next year I'm going to try going through .com - wonder why there's a difference in prices - anyone know?

04-12-07, 14:07
i'll bet its something to do with exchange rate

i was thinking about joining the uk one, but it'll only be the same thing anyway.. so might as well stay here for now

Terry on a Rock
04-12-07, 14:27
Hi JBee

Blue sky but a cold (for us:)) northerly wind. You wouldn't recognise the place now, as there has been so much redevelopment since the border opened in 85

Cheers - Terry

04-12-07, 17:04
Hi I heard that bmd were going to be free next year

05-12-07, 02:43
I've just paid 79.95 pounds (I think). Still cost me less than last year though because the Cdn$ is worth a lot more at the moment. I couldn't find a phone number to call that would be any good for me from Canada.

05-12-07, 10:45
My recent experience ...

Ancestry Tel No 0800 404 9723

My email renewal came in at 79.95 (£10 dearer than last year!). So I rang them and said that other subscribers were getting it around £55 was told there was no current offers around that price but that they could do it for £69.95 the same as it was last year. Not the best price around for Ancestry but a free phonecall saved me a tenner!


Rachel Scand
09-12-07, 23:25
Nudging this for obarean ....

Val wish Id never started
10-12-07, 12:37
I just got my renewal email and they are asking me for £69.95 .
I think the price depends on whether you have it set up for automatic renewal or not .
But £48.44 for a year on .com
Wow going to ring them too

Terry on a Rock
10-12-07, 17:59
Many thanks for all the responses.

I have now sent Ancestry 4 emails over the last 5 days - still waiting for a response !

Val - I think £69:95 is about what I paid last year, less the VAT. I am also on auto renewal. I don't want to phone them as there is no freephone no from Gib, but If I don't hear from them soon, I'll have no option but to give them a call.


Elaine ..Spain
10-12-07, 18:26
Terry - don't hold your breath about being able to sort it by email. I needed to contact them recently (re subscription) and they refused to discuss it by email and insisted I telephoned the US number. I was not a happy bunny! :(

Terry on a Rock
10-12-07, 18:52
Thanks for that Elaine. I'll have to give them a call then.


Terry on a Rock
12-12-07, 12:37
I called Ancestry and complained about their increase in subs to no avail. They also disputed renewal subs that Members have quoted here.

They gave the reason for the new charge as a 50% increase in additional records that are now available.

I think I will wait to the New Year and get "her indoors" to register as a new client and see what they offer.

Thanks once again for all the replies and info.


Olde Crone Holden
12-12-07, 12:56

I got mine recently for £54.

If you would like a copy of my credit card statement, I am happy for you to send them a copy!!!


Terry on a Rock
12-12-07, 16:05

I've pm'd you

Thanks - Terry

Val wish Id never started
13-12-07, 20:50
I rang them today and got it for £62 it seems it has gone up to £79.95 but if you have it set up as an automatic payment its the same price as last year which for me was £69.95
And I will get it for the same price next year £62.
The man I spoke to said they only offer it cheaper to people that cancel or threaten to !!!!!

Terry on a Rock
20-12-07, 10:35
After a number of phone call plus OC's input, Ancestry caved in and I have just renewed for £59.03 They gave me a 10% discount and took off the VAT as I live outside the UK.

Merry Christmas Everyone:D:D:D


Snowdrops in Bloom
20-12-07, 10:48
Result Terry - Well Done!!!!!!!

20-12-07, 11:07
I must contact them too....didn't think to mention the VAT

Terry on a Rock
20-12-07, 12:12
Better off in your pocket than theirs Beverley.

20-12-07, 19:14
i have read that someone on here bargained with them and got it reduced,try they can only say no brenda xxx

20-12-07, 21:07
Just got another email off them today. They keep sending them as I haven't renewed. I'll use the library now. It was an offer of 20% off, renew for about £64.