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Rosie Knees
03-12-07, 10:34
Can anyone help me with this please?

At work I want to be able to scan in our letter head so that I am then able to type onto it after which I will be able to email it as an attachment and the letter will show on headed paper and not just plain (if you see what I mean).

I can scan into PDF or jpeg or tiff (and one or two others but can't remember what just now). I can get the document up on the screen OK but I need to be able to type onto it :confused:. Any ideas please?

btw I have got MGI photosuite for editing if that is any help.


Nana Anna
03-12-07, 10:41
Once you've scanned & saved the heading. Go into Word and click Insert then select Picture and From File and select your letter heading.

03-12-07, 10:53
If you're using Outlook Express then next to the "Create Mail" button is a little arrow for a drop-down menu and one of the options is "Select Stationery", which will take you to the Stationery file. Then you can click on "Create New" and make your own "stationery" using the "Stationery Wizard". I must admit I've never actually tried it, though.

Rosie Knees
03-12-07, 11:28
Thank you Anna and Kate, I will have a go at both :D.

Rosie Knees
03-12-07, 11:55
have tried Anna's way and looking good so far :D. I have saved it as a template with text boxes over the top so I can type and still see the header and footer. haven't tried to send anything yet but am still playing with it at the mo.

not tried Kate's way.