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29-11-07, 20:05
I have attached a photo which we think appeared in the Northern Echo at some point. It appears to have been taken at Christmas on a childrens hospital ward probably in Gateshead area.

I am trying to date it so that I can then either contact the paper for more information or find someone going to the local archives.

I am hoping someone may have some knowledge of nurses uniforms in the past century which may help.


Just Barbara
29-11-07, 20:28
Hi George, I'm no expert but I think this is early in the 20th century, probably the late 'teens or early twenties....

29-11-07, 22:43
here you go George,

this might help folks


29-11-07, 23:05
Thanks for that, did not know how to get it to come up as an image in the message.

29-11-07, 23:13
No probs George,

all I did was click on your image (so I could see it, then left click and copy, right click and paste) is easy when you know how

I found this also, praps might be worthwhile droppin them an email???

The Northern Echo :: News, Sport, Business and more from around the North East (http://www.thisisthenortheast.co.uk/)

29-11-07, 23:20
Not really much to go on for dating, just early 20th century..

But look how clean that floor is!!!!!

Rachel Scand
29-11-07, 23:24
I wonder if Joan (Muggins) has seen this ?

Or maybe Stella might be a help ....

Merry Monty Montgomery
30-11-07, 13:51
I think it is from the 1920's. The way the nurses have their hats set low over the brow......think of the Queen Mum's wedding photos!

30-11-07, 14:25
Well, it's not the type of uniform I wore in the 1950s/60s. I would say 1920/30s.;)

30-11-07, 19:31
Not as late as 1930's. I'd personally say it's WWI era or immediately afterwards. Definently not later than 1925, unlikely earlier than 1910.

vikki brace
30-11-07, 21:43
I have a picture taken of my great grandfather at a military hospital in 1918 and the nurses headgear is different, So I would go with 1920s-1930s

01-12-07, 14:52
Thanks everyone for all your input, this is one of the many pictures in the album which belonged to my great great grandads sister which we acquired through ebay.

Only a few of the people in the album were named and I have not succeeded in tracing anyone descended from the family.

I am considering the possibility that one of the nurses was one of Jane Bramwells daughters or they knew a patient in the picture.