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Astro Lady
27-11-07, 19:07
Can you tell me when you think this photo was taken or any info at all please ? A (possible ) distant cousin sent me this and told me our ancestors were in this group. We know it was taken in Hull but don't know what the occasion was. :confused: I tried getting back in touch to find out more but i think he's vanished off the face of the earth....this was about 3 years ago and this chap was very vague but i've always wondered if there's any truth in it.:(

I'd be grateful for any ideas.


27-11-07, 20:51
hull i think is a shipyard place,but all are wearing bonnetts,looks like there,s a mayoress at the front lefthand line,do you think an easter party ? 1920,sbrenda xxx

Muggins in Sussex
27-11-07, 21:52
It looks a bit as though they are awaing the arrival of some dignitary

Maybe the lady on the right was going to present a bouquet......

27-11-07, 21:54
My initial thought on this is that this was taken during the middle to latter stages of the first world war. The hemlines of those standing on the far right coupled with their hats and style of clothing indicate to me a date frame of somewhere between 1915/16 to 1918. Of the (roughly) 72 people in the group 52 are females (of various ages) and there are some 17 males (the other three are shown as faces only) only one of which could be considered to be of military age.


Astro Lady
27-11-07, 23:05
Hi Bren,i thought that was a Mayoress too on the left but i remember now the chap said that it was a factory outing of some sort and the factory was partially owned by one of our rellies.Whether it was the actual opening of the factory i'm not sure...i have no idea really.Maybe that's why a Mayoress was there ? Hmmm...will keep that in mind,thanks x:confused:

Joan,maybe the lady on the right with the flowers was waiting to present that bouquet of flowers to the Mayoress on the left. Oh the plot thickens ! :D

thank you,i'm always grateful for your expertise on fashion and photographic detail. Do you know i never even noticed that the majority were women ? You know when you look at a photo and get a feeling something isn't quite right but you can't put your finger on it ? Sheesh...how unobservant am i eh ? Lol !!:o

Ooo i've just had a thought,you say it was wartime maybe ?
A munitions factory perhaps ?

Have you noticed how much the gentleman seated in the middle-left group with the white beard and hair looks stunningly like the actor John Mills ???:eek:

Oh no !
Maybe this person sent me this photo as a wind-up !
Maybe it's the "set" of a Catherine Cookson film ! LMAO !

vikki brace
30-11-07, 21:38
I think that whatever the event is, it revolves around the elderly couple seated in the middle. It was taken around spring time (No coats, but still covered)

date approximately 1918-1925, Possibly closer to the war, but I don't know how long it took for fashion to arrive in Hull;), And as already suggested the lack of young men would also point to this period.

Hope it helps, but I could be completely wrong..............:)

Astro Lady
02-12-07, 23:54
Thanks for that Vikki,
yes my first impression was round about the early 1920s too and going by what the other peeps say i totally agree with them. What i have to work out now is what relevance this photo has towards my ancestors....which relatives were alive at that time and what line of descendant ? Seems i have a big job on my hands here ! *gulps* :confused: :eek:

Thanks everyone for your input x :)

Just Barbara
03-12-07, 16:06
The ladies hats are a wee bit early for the 20s, more like the end of ww1, any rellies had a 50th wedding anniversary about then??