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26-11-07, 21:52
Right this does not have an owner.. any help to ident it would be great

St martins stamford, northants (Margaret in Burton) :)

st bridgets dyserth wales......


26-11-07, 22:08
I think they're mostly mine, Julie.

I put them in the photobucket thingie - county, name of church and parish - I named all the ones that were mine. They were all numbered by Jess and there was a list of the ones that were mine somewhere.

27-11-07, 03:23
yours were included in the main list Gwynne.
I didnt get as far as who contributed what-just 167 churches, where and their proper names

all saints, Catherington was no 121, which means very little now
Cowley was 95
Stamford was no 57

27-11-07, 05:28
Morning, ladies, I thought I'd put somewhere that numbers ** to ** were mine but I could have imagined it. It's my age, you know.

27-11-07, 10:35
I think you did, Gwynne- but yours were - if I remember rightly - a block of numbers These are a bit scattered. I guess 3 different contributers

(I think yours were 150-167 + some odds)

27-11-07, 11:35

yours were 139 - 167.

Found that on the Church Thread mk II. In Scad area. :)

27-11-07, 13:39
I'm relieved to hear I wasn't imagining things.

27-11-07, 14:03
;) :) :)

Night Owl
27-11-07, 16:00
The Cowley one was mine. By the way its spelt St Laurence with a 'u' and that Cowley is in Middlesex (near Uxbridge).

I compressed the image to put it on the previous thread but I have a better, much larger one if you want it.

Hope this helps.


Roger in Sussex
29-11-07, 17:55
I think Billingshurst and Catherington are mine, but they appear to have been worked on to lighten them (and remove some parked cars in the case of Billngshurst) :D:D:D:D:


29-11-07, 18:31
Thank you Jackie and Roger! now they have owners I can get them installed :)

Btw Roger, yes you are right, I did remove the cars... and made them abit lighter, well spotted "Eagle eyes" :rolleyes:

04-01-08, 16:23
Any one else recognise the photo in Northants???

04-01-08, 16:36
Stamford - almost Peterborough- is it one of Yummy's?

04-01-08, 23:54
no I dont think so Jess... this looks like it was taken a while ago, that's the feeling I get anyway..

praps i'm really way out?

06-01-08, 18:44
no its not mine. not bin shopping in stamford ages.

Margaret in Burton
06-01-08, 18:51

I told you that the St Martins one was mine. Explained how Stamford was mostly Lincolnshire but St Martins is in Stamford Baron which being across the river is actually in Northamptonshire

Stamford Baron St Martin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stamford_Baron_St_Martin)

Or am I missing something?

07-01-08, 13:18
No not at all margaret..

this had been here for a while, so I bumped it up, and then thought i'd post it on gen where you spotted it :)

dont worry, you not missing anything honest ;)

I will add it to POW when I do my next lot..

Margaret in Burton
07-01-08, 13:20
It's ok Julie

Thought I was going a bit do-lally.

Then again, I probably am :D:confused:

07-01-08, 13:33

I didnt say a thing..... :rolleyes:;)