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25-11-07, 21:03
On Thursday I got my new computer up & running, connected Printer, works fine.
Installed scanner & it said installation successful but I haven't tried to use it til today.
I keep being told scanner not found. I uninstalled & started from scratch again. Installation successful but when I tried to use it, still told 'Scanner not found':(
Any suggestions please!!!!

Snowdrops in Bloom
25-11-07, 22:06
Is it an all in one printer/copier/scanner?

Have you tried going to:

Start then
Control Panel then
Printers and Faxes then
find the icon for your new printer/copier/scanner then
right click on the icon then
tick 'Set as Default'

It could be the computer is still searching for your old one.

25-11-07, 22:34
Hi Snowdrop, no they are separate.

I've tried both ways I can think of.
A) pressing the button on scanner
B) start, programmes, scanner

It's the computer that's new not the scanner, I'll try the control panel if I can find it & let you know.

Astro Lady
25-11-07, 22:36
Hya Viv
All i can think of is that your new PC is a Windows Vista maybe ?
And also maybe your old scanner is not compatible with Vista ?
Correct me if i'm wrong.....then i'll get me thinking cap on again .Lol !! :confused::D

25-11-07, 22:44
Hi Valley, no it's XPpro

Found the control panel, scanner is listed but says unavailable.

Think I'm going to have to call the guy who built the computer tomorrow.

Astro Lady
25-11-07, 22:50
Oh hope you get it sorted, i've just emailed my brother who is a whizz at PC/IT ...you name it, until then, good luck
Valley xx

25-11-07, 22:55
Thanks Valley.:)

Snowdrop, I tried right clicking on the icon but there is nowhere to click set as default.

Snowdrops in Bloom
25-11-07, 23:09
That would only apply if it was an all in one (printer/scanner/copier) as you would be setting the default printer.

If it's a stand alone and it's showing an icon on there, technically it should work!!

Wait and see what Valley's brother says.

Christine in Portugal
26-11-07, 07:29
We once had that problem with our scanner and I uninstalled it a few times and reinstalled and eventually it worked, then it would suddenly stop again and we got the same message as you, that it couldn't be found.

A friend then downloaded the set up and software for it from HP's site , putit onto disc for us and it has worked fine since that, so maybe it's a problem with your installation disc.


26-11-07, 10:39
Have you got up to date drivers for it?

26-11-07, 13:43
Hi Wendy, spot on, but I've just spent ages trying to do it with Rod on the phone helping & he thinks I've confused the computer by putting the old system on it & I have to take it all down to him to sort out. grrrrrrrrrrr

I'll take it down shortly, at least I have the old computer if he needs to keep it awhile.

26-11-07, 18:14
All sorted folks, thanks for trying to help me, it took Rod quite a while to get it sorted but he didn't charge me. Chased me out the shop when I offered to pay.:D