View Full Version : have a look at these photos & tell me what you think!

17-11-07, 18:46
do you think the lady on the right next to the bride could be the same lady as in the 2nd photo[group photo] sitting down on the right? and is it her in the 3rd photo?





Olde Crone Holden
17-11-07, 19:29
! and 2 - yes, same woman.

3 - no, face shape is wider and distance between lips and chin is greater.

I would say pic 3 was taken much earlier then 1 + 2, which look like WW2 weddings.


17-11-07, 19:34
I think 1 and 2 are the same woman.

As OC says pic3 has a different shaped face and features.

Rosi Glow
17-11-07, 19:35
Photo No.3 Lady has a different nose.....

1 & 2 Look like the same lady

Just Barbara
17-11-07, 19:54
The lady in the 3rd photo is much earlier, about 15 years I think, could that be mum? The other 2 photos could well be the same woman as the resemblance is very strong.

17-11-07, 21:04
thanks everyone for your input,
i also thought pics 1 & 2 were of the same lady, the lady getting married in the 1st pic is my Granddads sister so i presume the lady by her side is her sister, who they are in pic3 i have'nt a clue!
i have a few old photos that i don't know who they are, they belonged to my Nan who died when i was 18, my Auntie has them now, so i took copys of them incase i ever find out who they are!


18-11-07, 11:42
I don't think it is the same lady. If you look at her eyebrows they are different.Picture one had very high brow line but picture 2 it's lower. Picture 3 looks earlier but has a similar background as picture two so possibly taken in the same studio.Any clues on the back of the photos?

18-11-07, 14:40
no, no clues on back of photo, my Auntie has the original, but i don't remember seeing anything on the back of it.

21-11-07, 20:54
no i think all 3 are driffent,ist has a peak at the front of her hair face features look all different,could be sisters brenda xxx