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Granny Lynne
07-11-07, 19:02
... here's another one.

Can anyone date this one please.?


I think the baby may be my uncle, born 1920 and the soldier my grandad, born 1895. The younger lady is probably my gran and the older lady either her mum or my grandad's mum. The trouble is, my gran and grandad were
1st cousins so it's difficult to tell.

I will post a later photo of my grandad in a minute to see if anyone can tell if it's him.

Thanks again.

Granny Lynne
07-11-07, 19:10
Here's grandad, late 1950's to early 1960's (sorry, not sure).


I think maybe the older lady is his mum cos this pic of him looks like her.

And this is gran as a young girl


Just popping out for a while (dropping OH off to watch footie) so will check back soon.

Thanks in advance for any help.

07-11-07, 19:12
Sorry but I would have said it was more like 1940's WW2 era.

07-11-07, 19:38
I would have said that the first photo was definately a world war photo - start of the 1940s as the soldier was going away having their photo taken with their family before they went.

Well done for sorting it out though! :D

Granny Lynne
07-11-07, 19:49
Carrie & Tom
Wow, you are all brilliant!
In that case, the soldier must be Uncle Joe, the younger lady his wife (don't know her name) and the baby, my cousin Terence. Which means that the older lady is probably my gran, Alice Humphreys, born 1898.
Does that fit better?
Any ideas how old my gran would be in the younger pic or can you tell anything from her outfit?

07-11-07, 20:05

a quick clean and tidy


07-11-07, 20:08


07-11-07, 20:09
I would say the photo of the young lady is definately in the mid 1910s, so somewhere between 1914 and 1918 (WW1)

I think the old lady in the group photo could be the lady in the photo by herself - look at the nose. People didn't have any sort of anti-aging things that are available now so although the lady in the first photo looks a bit older than 40-50 but it is possible...

07-11-07, 20:13
and last but not least... no3

this is a beautiful picture.... it would come up lovely if it was a 300dpi+ scan


Granny Lynne
07-11-07, 22:13
Hi Julie

Thanks for those, they are brilliant! I do have editing software but hadn't tried to improve them.

As for scanning at 300dpi, my old scanner used to have different settings and I could choose the dpi but my Epson RX420, printer/fax/scanner that I have now does not have this facility (at least I haven't found it and I've had it for a good while now).

Thanks again.

Hi Tom

So, you reckon the older lady is my gran who was born in 1898. If the group photo was taken aroung 1940, she would only by 42. Don't you think she looks a LOT older than that? I'm no good at this sort of thing so will bow to your experience on this one.
(I will post another photo when I have scanned it and would like your thoughts).
Anyway, thanks very much for your help and sorry for the long delay in replying. My PC froze and whilst I was rebooting, my sister phoned and she can talk for England - LOL!


07-11-07, 22:21

It is difficult to say. It could be her - there are similarities between the young girl and her.

I have a photo of my great gran when she was about 40, but after 11 children (starting when she was 17) this piled on the years so she looks a lot older. I think the hat and glasses make the lady look older than she was, but I would say she could be 43ish.

Don't take me at my word though - we need a lot more opinions! LOL

Granny Lynne
07-11-07, 22:57

I will take you at your word unless someone contradicts you - LOL! :)

I have no idea about these people as my grandmother and great grandmother died before I was born!

Anyway, here is another one. What do you think about the lady on the right -I am told this is my great gran and she looks just like the older lady to me.


Sorry this one is a bit blurred, it's a scan of a scanned photo!!


Granny Lynne
07-11-07, 23:31

I believe the photo was taken at my great uncle's wedding in 1934 but I need to check that with my 2nd cousin. Unfortunately, her partner has cancer and I don't feel able to contact her right now. However, does it look possible to you that it could be 1934?

I know I keep asking you questions but I am really keen to find out who these people are that I never knew.

Thanks for all your input.

I'm off to bed now as OH is complaining I've been on the PC all night (even though he has been out watching Man U!!).

Good night and thanks again.


08-11-07, 06:52
As for scanning at 300dpi, my old scanner used to have different settings and I could choose the dpi but my Epson RX420, printer/fax/scanner that I have now does not have this facility (at least I haven't found it and I've had it for a good while now).

Hi Lynne,

I've had a look at the EPSON site, and the Online Reference Guide for your scanner shows how to change the resolution.

This link should take you straight to the reference guide for your scanner: Reference Guide (http://support.epson-europe.com/onlineguides/en/sprx420/index.htm)

In the menu on the left:
Click on: Scanning
Then click on: Various Scanning Options
Then click on: Making Suitable Settings

The page that brings up guides you through the scanning process using the EPSON Scan program. It includes a screenshot of the Settings Window, in which you can change the Resolution.

For more information on starting the EPSON Scan program:
In the menu on the left:
Click on: Scanner Software Introductions
Then click on: Starting EPSON Scan

Granny Lynne
08-11-07, 09:06
Hi Sarah
Thanks for that, I'll have a go tonight when I get home from work.

Just Barbara
08-11-07, 17:08
I would say it's cerainly a photo taken at a wedding and 1934 would be about right, especially if you look at the dress of the lady on the left.

Granny Lynne
09-11-07, 12:52
Thanks Barbara
Only just seen your reply.