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Jill on the A272
24-10-07, 23:02
The following is definitely my gg grandfather,do you think the large lady could be his mother? It was the only one of the photos my great uncle gave us that he didn't know. Ggg grandmother was b 1804, died 1882 she was a grocers wife. (similar style of dress to Cloggie's pic)


Possibly Maria Crisp nee Thomson ( I don't look like either of them)


GG grandfather again (William James Crisp)

Joan of Archives
24-10-07, 23:14
He does look an awful lot like her, especially the eyebrows & the way the mouth downturns, so I would say yes, I think she is definitely related to him !


25-10-07, 00:36
I wouldn't like to tell her she has given me the wrong change if she was ever serving in her husbands shop :eek:

Brilliant photo though - yes, I think that she is his mother :D

Just Barbara
25-10-07, 11:03
I agree, the formidable looking lady must surely be his mum......

Elizabeth Herts
25-10-07, 11:22
Jill -

They look very similar around the mouth.

I can vouch for the fact that you look absolutely NOTHING like them! :)

(Hope you are enjoying your wills - I'm busy transcribing mine)

Elizabeth Herts
25-10-07, 11:23

BTW I had a bit of a "Les Dawson" moment when I saw that formidable lady! Do you agree?

25-10-07, 11:35
Jill you could have a look to see when Mr. Goodman teamed up with Mr. Schmidt? and see if they coincide with the pics? would give you and idea of dates? I think she is his mother too.... and the male line to tend to look like their mothers, as the female line tend to look like their fathers

http://www.familytreeforum.com/wiki/index.php/Directories_of_Victorian_and_Edwardian_Photographe rs

this might help

25-10-07, 15:10
The man certainly has a look of the lady. Mouth shape and neck line,nose looks similar too.

Jill on the A272
25-10-07, 20:46
Still researching the photographers, Julie,conversely, Goodman & Schmidt breaking partnership could help with date. She definitely looks like Les Dawson,I think she must have eaten a good deal of the grocers stock. Elizabeth - the will I ordered by post came today, 4 days is good going for a 7working day service.

26-10-07, 10:39
Hi Jill, In full agreement with the majority here, they look so alike.
Have cleaned up your pics for you hope you don't mind?


26-10-07, 10:42
2nd one Jill


26-10-07, 10:44
last one Jill................


Jill on the A272
26-10-07, 11:08
Thanks Jen for the tidy up. I found Louisa Rosetta Pritchard, Benjamin Pierce Pritchard and William Schmidt trading as Goodman Schmidt dissolving their partnership in 1898,Schmidt taking over the business, but that's long after these were taken. I also have a gg grandmother (another grocer's wife) taken by Goodman, same table in the picture. (Died 1877 so Goodman and Schmidt partnership must postdate this). These families knew each other and turn up in each others houses in 2 census entries. I suspect they all holidayed in Margate as they had enough money to get out of London for the summer.
Elizabeth Ann Badcock nee Hawes b1814 d1877(another grocer's wife,not quite so keen on eating the stock)

26-10-07, 11:59
Here she is Jill..............