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kelly smith
24-10-07, 22:04


Ive been really lucky and managed to get hold of some pics of my grandad in his army days I was just wondering if anyone could help me to date them?

Uncle John
24-10-07, 22:37
definitely World War 2 or not long after. Second and third pictures could be in the desert, so almost certainly WW2.

24-10-07, 23:00
The breast pockets appear to have pleats on them if so then the photographs would have been taken pre 1942 as that was the year that for economy reasons pleating on pockets disappeared.


Olde Crone Holden
24-10-07, 23:15
Second and third photos look later than WW2 to me - maybe early 50s, judging by the hairstyles.I doubt if they wore strip shirts to play footie during WW2?

I have a similar photo of two uncles, in Aden in the 1950s. (pic 3)


Olde Crone Holden
24-10-07, 23:18

But they didnt rip the pockets off existing uniforms, so it would be dangerous to judge a date on that alone. And I thought Military unifroms were exempt from Utility regs?


Peter Evans
25-10-07, 00:47
I would plump for 1945 at the latest as the privates seem too old to be doing national service.


25-10-07, 01:04
Hi OC,

I agree that it would be dangerous to judge on one item alone when dating a photograph and maybe on this occassion I should have worded my posting differently and added the rider of " I would suggest" at the start of my posting however the point of my posting was initially to point out that the uniform did in fact change in 1942 and pleating as I have already said disappeared from battle dress uniforms. At the same time as the pleats going so did some of the flaps on the uniforms and buttons started to be left uncovered which in turn makes it easier to date post austerity battle dress against that of pre austerity.

Occassionally, with uniforms, one can base a date or date line on a slight change whether it be the type of headwear, as with the soldier wearing a beret against a service cap (depending on regiment), type and style of webbing, or even just down to collar dogs being worn.

As for the wearing of striped shirts when playing football the regiments would have followed the universal fashion of the sporting world. Pictures that I have seen of prewar fixtures between regimental battalions playing field sports, football, rugby, hockey etc all have the teams in plain,quartered, striped, hooped,and half coloured kits and this was carried on through the war (albeit on a smaller scale and usually at training camp or rest camp).


Just Barbara
25-10-07, 11:06
If it was after the war, or the end, would the men not have acquired medal ribbons and overseas service thingies?(chevrons?)

kelly smith
25-10-07, 11:37
I have just found my Grandfathers obituary and it says he joined the 11TH RTR in 1924 and served untill the end of the 2ww so this gives me some idea as I can take a guess at his age in the pics and put a rough date on from that I can now also tell you that the last pic was taken in Rafar as my aunt has found the original and It says on the back 'packing up at Rafar' no date unfortunately!

Thanks for all your help though