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23-10-07, 20:24
Hi everyone
Can anyone help me identify the uniform in this photo
Thank you

Just Barbara
23-10-07, 20:27
Hi Tasdev, I am pretty sure he is a Hussar, if it's possible to get the picture any bigger someone might be able to get a better I.D..........

23-10-07, 22:08
Not too sure on the Hussar bit Barbara but I could be wrong (I mean, I am just a mere male after all :D ). He is wearing a plain tunic with no frogging and the buttons are spaced out in twos. On his sleeve at the cuff area is an Indian knot and just above that it looks like he is wearing a possible good conduct stripe awarded for two and a half years good conduct. He also has collar dogs showing and a close up of those at a higher resolution may give the regiment.


Just Barbara
24-10-07, 10:51
Don I will give way to your superior knowledge any time...;), maybe he's NOT a Hussar....:D

24-10-07, 14:39
Thanks for the information so far.
I have managed to enlarge the photo a bit and hope this helps.

Just Barbara
24-10-07, 16:56
Tasdev, do you have dates for your soldier or anything that might help?

24-10-07, 18:22
Hi Barbara
He was born c 1879

Just Barbara
24-10-07, 20:05
Do you know where?, am guessing Boer war with those dates.......

25-10-07, 17:43
He was born in London

Just Barbara
25-10-07, 19:58
Was hoping for him to have been born somewhere smaller then it would have been much easier to ID his regiment..:o But I would definitely go with Boer war, if you know where in London it's sometimes possible to work out who recruited where, also as Don said, the insignia on his collar would identify his regiment, any chance of blowing that bit of the picture up?

26-10-07, 17:48
This is the best that I can do

26-10-07, 17:54
have you tried this little tool
Virtual Magnifying Glass 3.3 (http://magnifier.sourceforge.net/)

26-10-07, 18:02
looks to me like a flaming bomb/grenade. Two regiments that wore that (other than fusiliers) were the Aritillery and the Engineers. Maybe someone else will have a better view of it than I can and can say what it is.