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23-10-07, 11:32

This photo was among a collection of photos of some of my ancestors, but I have no idea who she is, except that it says "Mrs Entwistle" on the back. There is nothing else on the back, no photographer's logo or name or anything - it is just plain grey card.

I haven't come across any Entwistles in my tree, so I don't know if/how she may have been connected.

Based on the other photos in the collection, she could be connected to the family of a Master Mariner in Liverpool who was originally from Barnstaple, Devon, or a Master Joiner in Prestwich near Manchester.

She appears to be holding some ivy and a rudbeckia type flower. It looks like the ivy is attached to a ring of some kind.

Can anyone else offer any more suggestions based on her clothes?

Thanks! :)

Just Barbara
23-10-07, 15:59
Sarah, it's a lovely photo, the trouble is old ladies clothes like childrens, can be hard to date as they often cling on to outmoded fashions, my great granny wore button boots untill her death in the 1930s because she said that's what a lady wore! Your ladies cap and shawl are lovely and obviously hand made, and I think it's a lace fichou round her neck, the photo is slightly unusual in being taken outside and not in a photographers studio, is there any information on the back of the photo? and what does the photo itself look like? Any extra information?

23-10-07, 16:08
Thanks Barbara. I wish I knew who the lady was!

Unfortunately there is no information on the photo at all, except the name "Mrs Entwistle". The handwriting looks like either that of my great-grandfather who lived from 1886 to 1973, or my great-great-grandmother who lived from 1860 to 1956.
Most of the other photos in the collection were taken in Liverpool, with a couple taken in Manchester and a couple taken in Barnstaple

I don't have the original myself, but have seen it when I went to visit my 2nd cousin earlier this year. The photo is the size of a carte de visite, but the card seemed to have a rougher texture than the other cartes. Here is a scan of the back of the photo:


vikki brace
23-10-07, 16:28
its quite hard to date, I have had a look through this site, between 1880-1910 and nothing jumps out

Victorian and Edwardian Photographs of Ladies (http://www.cartes.fsnet.co.uk/date/main.htm)

she is covering her sholders and sitting down outside, so can't see any detail

23-10-07, 16:31
i,ve heard the name before she is dressed 1880/90 brenda xxx

24-10-07, 11:18
Thanks Vikki and Brenda. I was thinking she may be earlier than 1880 ?
But as Barbara has said, an older lady may be wearing outdated fashions.
And with the lack of any photographer's details I can't narrow it down with trade directories or anything. :(

25-10-07, 15:06
I've no idea of the date but what she is holding may give you some clues. I have a family group photo taken about 1914 and all the ladies are holding single flowers.We suspect the photo was taken at a wedding.Could Mrs Entwistle be a nextdoor neighbour?Maybe a look in the census for neighbours to your ancestors may help.
As for photos outside my fathers side of the family has every single photo taken in the garden!!

Dead Rellies
25-10-07, 15:10
Could she have been an employee or a childrens teacher maybe ? try searching under the surname for possibles of her.

25-10-07, 15:33
Thanks Nichola and Pat. I have so far had no success finding any neighbours or servants on any of my rellies' census entries with the name Entwistle. But I suspect it may be something like that.

26-10-07, 11:56
Good morning Sarah,

Unfortunately I have to agree with Barbara with regards to trying to give a date to this image. As Barbara has already said photographs of elderly women can be very hard to date due to the fact that, unlike the younger generation, they can often be seen wearing clothing that is "comfy" and which could well be long out of fashion. Saying that I feel that this image was taken after 1875 and no later than 1890 but this is just a pure guess on this date line. What I can say of the image is that it is of a married woman sitting in a wicker chair and was taken around the months of May/June/July. It appears that the sleeving is of the type known as Bishop's sleeve which were full from shoulder seam to wrist with a deep cuff, the shawl flattens any evidence of kick ups or puffs to the upper area of the sleeves. As for the Ivy and "hoop" on her lap, the only thing that I can think of is that it would go on to make an ivy garland for a young girl to wear during the Jack in the Green procession that some villages and towns would have held in the spring. Sorry that I can not find anything else in the photograph that may allude to the date of it being taken.


26-10-07, 12:12
Thank you for your comments Don. Very interesting and informative as always! :)

I think Mrs Entwistle will probably remain a mystery...