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22-10-07, 12:26
This photo is of my husbands grt grandfather Joseph Lee.His wife is sitting on our right with the flowers on her hat. The other lady I have been told is possibily her sister. However I think she looks more like Joseph.What do you think? Also not sure on the date. They married in 1900 in Cape Town.

22-10-07, 16:13
could be her mother,brenda xxx

22-10-07, 16:14
Hi Nicola, I have cleaned your picture up a little............and would agree with you about her resemblance to the man rather than the woman.
Sorry can't help on date.


Just Barbara
22-10-07, 20:08
Going by the ladies hats, this photo could be 1909, they seem to be dressed up,could it be taken after the marriage? The lady on the left could well be the grooms sister, I think she looks like Sarah Lancashire....:D

22-10-07, 21:16
lady on the right has a fox,s stole,my nannie had one in the 1950,s i hated the thing,so i think this picture is 1945,50,s brenda xxx

22-10-07, 21:52
I suppose you can never be 100% dating from clothes, but looking at them and the general ageing showing on the photo I'd be very suprised if it was as late as that. Personally I would have dated it 1910-20

23-10-07, 09:02
I would agree with Barbara with this having been taken in the first decade of the 1900's but would say that it was taken a tad earlier than she suggests. The style of hats with the height, form and shape of the crown coupled with the upward turn of the brim would indicate somewhere between 1904 to 1909 to me. Although there is not that much to see due to the way that the photograph has been set up you can see that there is a difference in the style of blouse that both women are wearing. The one on the left has a soft collar which lays below the neckline whilst the one on the right has a high neck collar, both styles were common in the time period given above.

Interestingly this is a photograph which I believe was taken after the marriage and was possibly one to send back to England (or where ever) to family members. The sister (of whom I am not that too sure of but she does resemble the man in many ways) has been handed the muff used by the other to leave the left hand free to display the wedding band that she is displaying for all and sundry to see in as much to say ...." look mam I told you we would marry".....


23-10-07, 17:54
Thanks everyone.
Don I hadn't noticed the muff but had noticed the showing off of the ring.They married in Cape Town,S Africa in 1900,if this is the wedding photo it cannot be the grooms sister as she is english and would not have been in S Africa. Maybe it's the home coming photo with the new wife? If the photo is 1904-1909 they would have been in London.
My Joseph Lee is a mystery no trace in the census or birth records.