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15-10-07, 16:13
The bride (in the fantastic hat!) is the little girl in the other picture with her parents and brothers. Her father is next to her, but I don't think her mother is there. Is the man standing on Father's left one of the bride's brothers? The wedding was in 1912, and I think the other photo was taken in about 1900.



Do you think that this soldier (pictured in 1917) is the same man as the one standing behind the bridegroom? If so, he is the groom's brother. Or do you think he is another of the bride's brothers?


Just Barbara
15-10-07, 16:25
I think the chap next to papa is a brother as is the one behind the groom, but I don't think the soldier is one, his nose and mouth don't seem to look the same............

Just Barbara
15-10-07, 16:27
ps..............I think the lady stood next to papa is the brides mum, look at the nose and the hair.........

15-10-07, 16:47
Thanks for your thoughts Barbara. I have tried to find a different photo of the soldier (he was my husband's grandfather) as this one isn't really a good family likeness. I'll keep looking. If it isn't him standing behind the groom, I wonder where he was, as the lady with the baby are his wife & son.

The lady next to the bride's father is definitely the groom's stepmother as a living relative has identified her for me.

Just Barbara
15-10-07, 20:11
Can't argue with your rellie, though I would have expected the grooms stepmother to be stood on his side, now the soldier, when I look again at his uniform it looks big as if he had lost weight, perhaps he had been ill, then maybe before the war he was a bit heavier, that would alter how he looked and maybe the chap behind the groom would be a good choice? Do you know where the rest of the brides brothers were? (just being nosy!)

Joan of Archives
15-10-07, 20:39
Hi Sue

I reckon the soldier if the same as the brother in the 2nd pic, the one 2nd from the left back of the photo.

The chap in the first pic I reckon is the same as the young boy in the 2nd picture, at the left front row.


15-10-07, 20:48
I think there was not much love lost between the 2 brothers and the stepmother. There is a "big family secret" which is apparently "best left in the past". Of course that makes me even more dtermined to find out what it was! LOL
We didn't even know that hubby's grandfather had a full brother (we knew about the half siblings) until I found his 2nd cousin on GR, and she didn't know either. Hubby's family had the wedding photo but had no idea who the bride & groom were until we met the 2nd cousin and she told us they were her grandparents. The amazing thing is, the groom looks so much like my late father-in-law they could be father & son! OOOOoh maybe that's the secret ;) LOL

I don't know where the bride's other brothers were that day. They were all still around and living locally as far as I know. Yet more mysteries!

Oh well, nobody ever said this genealogy lark was easy!

15-10-07, 21:11

That is who I thought the bride's brother was. It would make him about 26 at the wedding.
The man 2nd from the left in the wedding photo (behind the hat) is the groom's father, William, but I don't think the man in between them is a blood relative. The old man sitting in the front row is the groom's grandfather and William's father, but I can't see a family resemblance there. The man behind the groom's left shoulder is, I think, the groom's brother.