View Full Version : Anyone know Portsmouth area well?

Velma Dinkley
09-10-07, 09:51
This is a photo of my great grandmother (centre) with two of her neices. She lived in Eastbourne Sussex.

Her daughter, however, lived in Portsmouth and many of the photos I have look like they were taken in that area, on her occasional visits there.

I was just wondering if this one was too. It would have been c1930.

Thank you for your help.


Velma Dinkley
09-10-07, 09:54
Here's another one. I think this is probably Southsea beach, as it isn't Eastbourne (well I don't think it is :confused:) ;)


Velma Dinkley
09-10-07, 09:57
I've only recently got these photos from my mum and this is the first time I've actually seen them side by side and examined them close enough to realise that they're actually wearing the same clothes! Although as people didn't have that many clothes in those days it may be a red heron ;)

Still, it would be good for confirmation that these were indeed taken in the Portsmouth/Southsea area.

Thanks for your help.

Bethanys Gran
16-10-07, 17:12
Hard to tell - not much background information to go on!

The beach one could well be Portsmouth as pre-war there were lots of these small wooden steps for people to get up and down! Couldn't say for certain though.

Velma Dinkley
16-10-07, 22:43
Thanks for your help Chris :)

18-10-07, 23:35
Location of the first photo could be the Castle Gardens. Not sure about the second one, the beach in the photo looks sandy, and the majority of the sea front in Portsmouth is shingle.


Velma Dinkley
19-10-07, 09:25
Thanks Graham :)

Christine in Herts
19-10-07, 14:09
The Hants RO site has photos on display. Might be worth a look to see if there are any clues?


Christine in Herts
19-10-07, 14:26
Allie Island has just posted this excellent link on Research:
ViewFinder, image resource for England's history (http://viewfinder.english-heritage.org.uk)

It's English Heritage, and they have quite a lot of Portsmouth/Southsea photos and postcards.


Velma Dinkley
19-10-07, 15:17
Thank you Christine, I'll have a look at those :)

Muggins in Sussex
19-10-07, 21:40
This may not be much help, but the second photo looks to me very much like the western end of Weymouth beach and promenade

Velma Dinkley
19-10-07, 23:56
Weymouth? Now that really throws a spanner in the works :);):eek:

Velma Dinkley
29-10-07, 07:41
Thanks for that Bob, much appreciated :)