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Barbara Dodds
05-10-07, 21:13
What it is
The challenge is always to connect someone on the 1841 census to someone on the 1901 census.

How it works
We work in teams to find the link, and we will then expand to all the blood relatives of the people mentioned in the challenges that we can find. All census references and BMD refs that we can find will also be added

Please note - we will not spend any money on your tree, all the information we find will be freely available online.

The winning team is the one with the most names, and refs included. Each challenge lasts a week

What we get out of it:
The fun of looking at someone else’s tree, especially when are own are proving frustrating:)

What you get out of it:
Hopefully a few new leads.

What we need from you
The link needs to have already been proven by you. Your tree should not be in the public domain, which would make life far too easy for us. We’re looking for a challenge, not a copying exercise after all:eek:

We need whoever sets the challenge to be around on a Friday night to “mark” the trees. Access will be given to the trees that have been worked on, either on GR or Ancestry, and you will be sent GEDCOM’s of what we’ve found so that you can investigate at leisure.

How do we decide who sets the challenge
The winning team will decide whether one of their member’s sets the next challenge, or if we are taking a challenge from you. If we take a challenge from you it will be on “first come, first served” basis

So what are you waiting for? Come and set us a challenge:)

We welcome new players, but be warned - it is seriously addictive

05-10-07, 21:14
ooooooooooooooooh - I've never had time to do teh taking part but I have a couple of corkers to challenge you with

Barbara Dodds
05-10-07, 21:23
Thanks Zoe

Hope you don't mind the thread being up on both boards.

05-10-07, 22:31
I was so excited I didn't even think of Modding responsibilities LOL

As it's a recruitment type drive for the FTFS weekly quiz I'd say it's okay

I may get over ruled though - in which case this isn't me speaking

Mavis by the Moor
05-10-07, 22:35
You nearly confused me, just came on for a quick read, moved across from general to research and thought I'd gone back to general LOL

Barbara Dodds
05-10-07, 22:37
Sorry Mavis - we were just trying to get the message over to as many bods as possible. You're on the list.

OK Zoe - its understood that that is your personal opinion:)

Barbara Dodds
07-10-07, 09:13
Nudge for the day shift

Any more takers?

Jeanette In Yorkshire
10-10-07, 09:55
Please, please, please let us do your tree! :)

On one of the lines I submitted for the challenge I got over 200 new leads to follow....which I'm still wading my way through. Even if we get it totally wrong, you will have the pleasure of telling us! :D

10-10-07, 15:06
I agree with J please come and add your name to the list i have had many new people found and i have still got loads of bits of my tree which people have found for me that still need to researched and even a brickwall cracked.

Lynn The Forest Fan
10-10-07, 15:13
I'd love to help but I can't be around on a Friday evening. :(

10-10-07, 15:50
when you say it mustnt be on a public domain what do you mean? I have mine on GR and triblapages so does that not count?

Barbara Dodds
18-10-07, 15:36
Sorry Gloryer - only just seen your post

By not in the public domain we mean not somewhere that we can access and read. So on GR is fine, as its usually quite difficult to actually work out someones tree from on there.

Tribal pages would be fine as well I think, as long as its a "private" tree (someone help me out here)

What we don't want is for it to be, say, a public tree on Ancestry where all we have to do is go and have a quick look - and then start copying

28-10-07, 21:29
nudge for the gamers

Barbara Dodds
28-10-07, 21:35
Thanks Zoe

must remember to add Pippa to the list as well as Tom

29-10-07, 09:46
Please, Can I join in ? I love a good chase.

Can I challenge or chase, or both ?

Only one problem, I get badly confused by the time difference - its nearly 9pm Monday night - its Monday morning in England right ? If Friday night there is Saturday morning here (and I have to go to cricket, with my son) is that a problem ?

Diane Cole
Sydney Australia

Barbara Dodds
29-10-07, 09:55
Di - you're welcome to come and join us as a player as well as a challenger:)

The time difference shouldn't be a problem as we already have one player who is based in Australia and one who is based in America.

Pop in to the generations game thread on general to see the current challenge on


29-10-07, 12:36
Thanks Barbara
I will have a look at the current game...


29-10-07, 14:58
Dicole you are welcome to oin us as well, we would love an Australian researcher. We do our tree on ancestry so if Barbara has not snagged you already p.m. me your ancestry name or e.mail if you don't have an ancestry subscription and I can send you an invite to the tree. We then ust add any bits we find including stories or photos.

Barbara Dodds
18-11-07, 17:58
nudge - so we don't lose the list in the housekeeping:)

Barbara Dodds
04-12-07, 08:48
nudged, to keep this on the boards:)

We'll be starting again after Christmas so if anyone else wants to add their names please feel free

Barbara Dodds
03-01-08, 11:51
nudge - so as not to vanish in the housekeeping:)

Any more takers?

Barbara Dodds
21-01-08, 09:04

we're still looking for volunteers, so please add if you're interested

Lyn A
21-01-08, 09:53
Barbara, I have PMed you.

Barbara Dodds
21-01-08, 10:02
Thanks Lyn.

You should have an answer now

Lynn The Forest Fan
21-01-08, 10:43
Can I just say that I had a wonderful response when I set the challenge and have made a couple of good finds. I still have many sections still to look at.

Barbara Dodds
16-02-08, 10:07
nudged so its not lost in the housekeeping:)

Pippa Doll
16-02-08, 13:19
I have a fantastic tree that was done for the challenge. I can always give other branches but I have to say it was fantastic as there are more avenues for me to follow than before. It is also interesting that knowledge of the family is important and highlights that you do need to spend money on certificates as both teams went wrong in completely different directions due to a name change.

Barbara Dodds
23-02-08, 16:15
We're still looking for challenges and would be delighted to hear form any other volunteers.

any offers????

23-02-08, 22:04

24-02-08, 09:20
Barbara, I have a challenge I can give you as it is not been added to my tree on the internet yet.

24-02-08, 09:42
as a slow 2 fingered typist,who doesn`t quite get the gist of this `challenge` could someone please explain what exactly you do...do you pick a name out of everyones nominated family member in the 1841 census,and then try to find their family up to 1901?....is it a race to see which team can get the most family members ,in a certain amount of time?...what night is it?....regards...allan

Barbara Dodds
24-02-08, 10:24
Wendy - thank you. We may well be taking you up on that:)

Allan - yes that is basically the idea.

We ask you to give us two names from your tree - one on the 1841 census and one on the 1901 census and challenge us to find the link between them. Once we've found the link we will then expand the tree sidways and backwards if we can, but sticking to blood relatives only. We will include every census reference and BMD reference we can find. The winning team (of 3) is the team who has found the most names and references by the end of the challenge

The challenge finishes after a week.

The challenge usually starts on a Friday night, but that is moved to suit circumstances. For instance no-one had a challenge ready on Friday night, so Pippa set us a challenge last night - which will end next Saturday.

Any other questions - please ask:) If I'm not here one of the other players will answer you

24-02-08, 10:31
thanks barbara....so if i have a direct ancestor b 1824 who marries a man b 1825 who has his surname changed from his birth name,as a child,we may find his origin...or do we only go from 1841-1901....?...thanks allan

Barbara Dodds
24-02-08, 10:46
lol Allan - you might have some luck with us finding that one for you, there are some very good researchers playing the game (not me lol). We wouldn't guarantee it though.

I would expect someone born in 1825 would be on the 1841 census though - so she could be a good place to start. We'd need a name from the 1901 census to connect them to though.

24-02-08, 10:58
sorry barbara..i think i`ve misled you....the wife(my gg grandmother) i have researched back to 1700`s..all in dunham massey...but my gg grandfather b 1826 with a double barreled name(because of mothers second marriage ) changes name in most census returns..absolutely puzzled....its him i want to research, and where my gg grandparents family ended up?...so if we researched someone like him, we are split into teams of 3.what happens if (not being very good at this) someone like me ,doesn`t really have the know how to research census returns without paying for credits...am i right in saying you can only research on free sites?...:confused:allan
added...is there a page i can view for this weeks challenge,or do you all keep your info,and show it all at the same time?

Barbara Dodds
24-02-08, 11:21
We all have access to Ancestry Allan, which is something we've all paid for anyway. Other than that we only ever use the free sites.

Have you managed to find your mystery man on all the censuses - or has he just vanished because of the changing name?

Each team will send the info they've found via GEDCOM at the end of the week.

If you have a look at http://www.familytreeforum.com/general-discussion/39740-generations-game-end-1st-march.html you'll be able to see the challenge set by Pippa this week, and if you have a look at http://www.familytreeforum.com/general-discussion/39260-generation-game-end-22nd-feb.html you'll see the challenge Rick set us in the first post with the solution on posts 315 and 330

24-02-08, 11:29
thanks barbara...i`ll go and have a look at those sites shortly..i have my gg grandparents marriage on familysearch(lds)..28/12/1858..his name john hartley barker...this is the name on the marriage info......his children all surnames as hartley...not hartley barker...the funny thing is(and i don`t understand this)..if i type in john hartley barker /marriage/1858...nothing comes up....if i type martha collins/marriage 1858...it shows her marrying john hartley barker at manchester cathedral.....am i doing something wrong?...thanks....allan........added...who decides who chooses the challenge...ie ricks challenge,and pippas challenge...and did rick and pippa already have all the answers beforehand?...allan

Barbara Dodds
24-02-08, 13:02
Sorry Allan - sunday roast needed sorting out and eating lol

To take your last question first, one of the members of the winning team puts up a challenge. If the team haven't got anything then someone who has volunteered will be asked to set us a challenge - we've been trying to work that in order of volunteering.

Rick and Pippa had the answers already, although we will probably have found something that neither of them had previously seen.

For your search for the marriage I can't see whatsgoing wrong - your thinking does seem logical to me. Have you tried just putting John Hartley marriage in the search

24-02-08, 13:28
yes ...nothing to match....never mind...thanks for your help barbara...i`ll watch how things go for the next generation game,and see how i cope on my own before i volunteer to help in a team of three...cheers...allan:D

24-02-08, 14:49
Just a quick post our team produces an ancestry tree which you can see even if you are not a member of ancestry (invitation only). It can be quite interesting to see what other people find. We do ask that the challenge is solvable using online resources. (The last one wasn't).

08-03-08, 20:12
bumping back up so it doesn't get spring cleaned.

15-05-09, 07:52
Would anyone who has thrown down a challenge be able to tell me about their success stories for the June issue of the magazine?

If you could please add them here (or PM me) a.s.a.p., then I may well use them in the article. Thank you.