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05-10-07, 10:44
7915Hi All
I'm working on a family tree scrap book and finding photos that capture the era that people grew up in. I hate to think what the future generation will think of this...andone remember Hey Hey Were The Monkees !!!!

05-10-07, 11:18
Guessing mid sixties

05-10-07, 11:24
Hi Trish
It's actually the mid seventies. Don't you think those flares say it all!! Fashion can be so bad.

Margaret in Burton
05-10-07, 11:25
Late 60's, early 70's

05-10-07, 11:26
Is it really???:eek: My memory is failing me, that's for sure:D

Used to love the Monkees too, shame on me for not getting that right!

mandy blueknees
06-10-07, 00:17
Ahhhhhhh the seventies ................. the decade that fashion and taste parted company ...................... and I have the photos to prove it!!!!!!!!!! LoL

06-10-07, 13:07
Mandy you remember the 70's as I do. Maybe you should post one of your photos too.
This picture is of me (in the middle) and my brothers,it's a photo all three of us never forget!! lol..lol..

06-10-07, 21:28
I reckon the 70's too.

I have piccies of me wearing collars like them in 1974 lol

Shhh don't laugh lol


08-10-07, 08:48
Lol I said 1974 too:D polo necks came in in the second half of the 70's and those collars dissapeard:eek:

Simon in Bucks
08-10-07, 18:24
Is that your back garden......................................it's massive !!

09-10-07, 05:59
i loved flares and hoped they would never go out of fashion!

Velma Dinkley
10-10-07, 09:32
Mid 70's I would say judging by those collars and flares :eek:

And everyone thought thay looked so good at the time :rolleyes::D

10-10-07, 15:02
Simon in Bucks
We had a big garden but not that BIG!! Its the ground of a castle by the sea,where? no idea.