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07-10-19, 05:32
i have a dna match who is a third cousin (never responded), and i know the family they must descend from based off of shared matches. yet i cannot find the link. i suspect it is this person's paternal grandmother but can't find any records of her, asides from the marriage license index of new york in 1963. this person has a public tree with no parents for her, stating this lady was born in england with no date. yet can't see a birth record, she would have been born prior to 1950. the tree also states she died in 1969, illinois but that death is for a child with the same name. so i don't know if this person is alive.

is anyone interested in helping? i can pm the names of the grandparents who married in 1963.

14-10-19, 09:20
I have a similar issue with a DNA Match on the Ancestry Site who I think is a 2nd or 3rd Cousin.
This man shares 133cM across 6 segments with me. Therefore, if I'm correct, we must share a set of GreatGrandparents.
He has a Public Tree, but is in Canada.
Our link is on my Paternal side, where I'm stuck, although l think I might now have found my Grandfather under a different name.
My problem is that I think there are errors in this man's Tree:-(
All you can really do is try to re-do the Tree yourself.
That's what I'm currently trying to do.
Best of luck with it!

15-10-19, 06:54
Thanks holly, i've received a bit of help. The main problem is it seems to be the spouse who's done the tree, and it's quite sketchy, unlike his own. Ideally they would respond to messages and help sort it, but they haven't responded over the years.

15-10-19, 08:56
I can look at UK records, if you want to PM details and can try and build tree. I have not got ancestry WW fpr US records, but have just got a sub for FMP.

15-10-19, 23:16
Thanks carolyn, we can't even work out if the "grandmother" is correct. Like i said in the initial post, the only record is a new tork marriage license; that has to be ordered.