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02-10-19, 15:01
I had a DNA match and a common ancestor of Peter Brown. I had the wrong birth date for Peter Brown so checked his marriage to Mary Henderson and it seems he was born 1815 and she was born 1836. Both were widows when they married in 1873. The Peter Brown that I have as a common ancestor is the son of Peter Brown and Elizabeth Dunlop so I am assuming that my Peter Brown was first married to Elizabeth Dunlop
Mine is the son of Peter Brown and Margaret Dykes and it says he is a tilemaker which is also what the one I have as a common ancestor is. So many Peter Brown's I am confused...
It is actually Catherine Brown b 1871 that is my blood relation as she was born before Peter Brown married Mary Henderson but Catherine never shows up with them as she was unofficially adopted at age about 4 so never shows up on any census until 1881 with Archibald Begg and wife Christina McDonald.
So I am hoping to find a connection between Peter Brown b 1815 married to Mary Henderson and Peter Brown married to Elizabeth Dunlop
They may well be the same person of my Peter could be the father of the other Peter as I dont have a birth date for him. But will keep on looking for one.

02-10-19, 15:09
I cant find the marriage of Peter Brown and Elizabeth Dunlop
Peter & Elizabeth were married February 2nd 1863 In Erskine, his profession is recorded as a Tilemaker. Their son Peter Brown was born May 28th 1875 in Corsehill Tilehouse in dreghorn in Ayrshire.

Lin Fisher
02-10-19, 15:17
Gloyer, where are we looking, what county were they in?

02-10-19, 16:07
think they start off in ayrshire and move to erskine lanarkshire. My common ancestor thingy isnt working on ancestry at the moment so thats most annoying because I wanted to loook at the trail.

02-10-19, 16:35
There you go - from ScotlandsPeople website. The marriage is Renfrewshire, the Greenock side of Glasgow rather than the Lanarkshire side.


02-10-19, 21:53
There you go - from ScotlandsPeople website. The marriage is Renfrewshire, the Greenock side of Glasgow rather than the Lanarkshire side.

thank you , I need to find his parents really to see how they connect

02-10-19, 22:09
His parents and his bride’s parents should be named on the marriage certificate along whether each one was alive or deceased on the day of the marriage and the occupations of both fathers. As with all certificates you have to rely on two things 1. the informant(s) actually know the information they are asked for and 2. they tell the truth.

02-10-19, 22:20
This is the marriage reference for the other Peter Brown you are looking to connect to. Blythswood is a registration district in central Glasgow, Lanarkshire.
familysearch.org has that the marriage took place 5 May 1873 at St Peter’s Church, Glasgow


02-10-19, 23:23
Was puzzled why was only seeing Google references to St.Peter’s RC Church, Partick but after a bit of a mowdie, I found a former Church of Scotland (familysearch.org record was the established church so there had to have been one) - proper last known name Anderston St Peter's Church, 880 Argyle Street, Glasgow. That fits fine with a Blythswood registration record.

03-10-19, 06:44
so would the actual certificate be on scotlandspeople or would I need to order that

03-10-19, 08:18
It's downloadable straight away on scotlandspeople. All historical bmd's are, along wih parish registers.

03-10-19, 08:22
Yes it is Gloryer. You need to buy credits ( £7.50 for 30 credits). A marriage cert copy is 6 credits then download to your computer. Cheap as chips compared to what we have to pay here. ...and usually with more information than we have on ours.

03-10-19, 12:03
thanks Kat, not used that site for a long time, I think I have worked it out I believe Peter Brown b 1815 was previously married to Catherine McGregor and their son is Peter Brown b 1836 married Elizabeth Dunlop. After Catherine McGregor dies he then married Mary Henderson who was previously married to David Raeside.
My Catherine Brown was born 1871 and given for adoption to Archibald Begg and Christina McDonald so I am wondering why she was given away. Maybe Peter Brown and Mary Henderson didnt see a future together although I believe they did have more children after they married

03-10-19, 17:59
(just putting this on to remind myself) I am now actually looking for the marriage of Peter Brown and Catherine McGregor to see who his parents were as the one that married Mary Henderson was the son of Peter Brown and Margaret Dykes
If anybody can point me in the right direction with a date or ref number would be a great help when I get onto scotlandspeople. Our internet keeps going off as they are working on an upgrade. Was off line for nearly 3 hours yesterday and a couple of hours today
Thank you

03-10-19, 19:03
Only one result and it’s an OPR (Old Parish Registers) entry so you are not likely to get parent’s names. Civil registration didn’t start with us till 1855. You might be lucky and get a conscientious minister or session clerk who kept a detailed register but it’s an outside chance. If you are lucky it will name the father and the word “in” which will be followed by the name of the property the father lived in. You might also get the father’s occupation.
The best document to get if you need parents for those who married pre 1855 is their death certificate assuming the deceased themselves lived till 1855 or later. Again, the same provisos as before - the informant needed to have known the answers to the questions and tell the truth. It’s not unusual for informants to give what they believe to be correct but they are wrong eg. give only the current surviving spouse because they never knew there had been a previous one. Giving the wrong maiden name of the deceased’s mother or giving that of their own mother because they misunderstood the question! I have had a few of these and some where the grandmother’s name was given by mistake or they just didn’t know at all.


03-10-19, 19:07
Have you seen this ancestry tree?


03-10-19, 19:17
This is the baptism reference for Peter Brown with mms Dykes. Kilmaurs is a parish in Ayrshire.


03-10-19, 19:27
This is his death reference.

Interestingly there is another Peter Brown born c.1809 dies 1897 Ref. 563/ 19 RD Name Erskine

03-10-19, 19:50
Have you seen this ancestry tree?

Thank you so much for these little snippets. I dont have an ancestry sub at the moment so not seen that tree. If its correct then my suspicians are also correct. I have a FMP sub but it doesnt seem to have half as much as other sites BUT I chose that one due to the fact they had kent papers and thats where my paternal side are from

04-10-19, 10:16
I am satisfied that I have the right one but to confirm it somebody said that if I find the death certificate for Peter Brown then that would say his former marriage. Dont know how true that is. However he was still around on 1881 census but think Mary is widowed on 1891 so I have a 10 year span to find the death of Peter Brown!!

04-10-19, 11:55
Yes it is true that when a married person dies in Scotland the death certificate will show (provided the informant knows etc.) all spouses that the person has had.

Did you miss my post #18 ? Death in 1888.

04-10-19, 15:37
oops yes, I did see the post but couldnt have seen the death date. Thanks
I now have Marys death as 1907