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29-09-19, 15:18
Hello everyone!

I am having real trouble with some of my 'travelling' family!

Teasie has helped me loads with one lot and now this another generation back!

Rosanna/Rose Jeffs b. 1799, Bucklebury, Berks or 1791, Chinnor, Bucks married John Bland b. 1788, Marcham, Berks.

I can't find her birth. The DOB I have is from the census info.

Can anyone help?


Lin Fisher
29-09-19, 18:57
I have had a look and struggling to find anything, sorry.

Would the travellers have had their children baptised as it is before registration. I does say 1799 for her birth on the death record.

29-09-19, 19:56

It seems they are sometimes registered/baptised but not always which is my suspcion - either that or she's using a different name!

Just wanted to check I hdn't missed anything :)

Thanks for taking a look!


Sylvia C
29-09-19, 21:48
Interestingly, Jeffs seems to have been quite a common name in the area of Buckinghamshire (Preston Bissett, Edg(e)cot(t), and Hillesden) where my Cadd family lived. Over the generations, several Cadd siblings or cousins of my direct line married Jeffs (male or female).

I haven't really followed the Jeffs because they were "side lines".

30-09-19, 00:55
Very nice transcript of Bucklebury PR - I didn't see your peeps (did not see the surname Jeffs among the baptisms from ~1790-1815, but take no offense to someone double checking):


30-09-19, 13:32
I have Jeffs living around Rickmansworth, Herts in the early 1700s - farmers/butchers

30-09-19, 21:12
Thanks for looking - I'll keep trying :)