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26-09-19, 15:41
I did read somewhere that fmp was now using hints from other members trees. Today I have just had some hints which appear to be true but I fail to see if I can view that tree to see if it matches my details so what is the point in having those hints. At least with ancestry you can view the public tree and trace any hints in the direction towards something you know is concrete then assess whether the hint is correct

26-09-19, 18:19
Did they not say a while ago when they started the tree building element of the site that all trees are automatically private. Perhaps now they have become private but searchable only by the site’s algorithms and not by others? If you get hints you will have to contact the tree owner. I don’t have a tree on there so I am only guessing.
Are there no FAQs to help?

Sylvia C
26-09-19, 20:55
.......... and are the hints on FMP any more trustworthy than the ones on ancestry??

I now pay no attention to the ancestry ones .............. I've wasted too much time trying to detect how the hint might link to my trees.

27-09-19, 09:07
the hint doesnt say who the other tree belongs to so there is no way of proving or disproving the hints

27-09-19, 13:46
Here’s more rather distrusting news. It will eventually cost money to get hints. Acknowledging source as Chris Paton’s GenesBlog.

FindmyPast offers tree hints option
From FindmyPast (www.findmypast.co.uk):

Grow your family tree with the help of other Findmypast members' research.

We're delighted to announce that we’re now able to offer you hints sourced from other members’ trees. This means that as you build your family tree, you can benefit from research other members have done on common ancestors. Tree-to-tree hints are free for a limited time on all Findmypast family trees so get growing today.

For further details visit https://www.findmypast.co.uk/blog/family-tree/tree-to-tree-hints

27-09-19, 13:51
I have now followed the link and read the FAQs on the FMP site about the tree hints. Glad I haven’t bothered to build a tree there as hints are more bother than they worth.

Sylvia C
28-09-19, 04:02
Yes, I haven't bothered building a tree on FMP. The little one I have on GR, and the slightly larger one on Ancestry cause me enough problems!

My problem is that the Cadd family in my ancestry spread all over the world from around 1840 and on, and often had large families, so there are lots of people researching, especially in the US. There's lots of confusion in who married who, which child was born of the first, second or third wife, same names given to children from generation to generation and by siblings or cousins, etc etc.

I got thoroughly fed up of all the hints and contacts on ancestry that I knew were wrong .......... I had the certificates! Hence, private tree on ancestry for many years, and no checking hints!

28-09-19, 08:58
I don't mind hints, and will often glance through them.

On ancestry I just look at those that have sources attached, and Ancestry presents them in the order of the most sources first, but I can only see this as a subscriber.

When I imported to FMP I just had too many hints in general to cope with, many I had dismissed in ancestry, or they were census and the default 'label' in ancestry is different to FMP. if no source presented even as a subscriber then I don't think I will bother. Unless it is a real brick wall and may give me a clue where to look.

28-09-19, 10:31
well they are proving interesting but confusing!! Just had another one that says my great grandmother died 1955 bournemouth but I have her death as 1917 where she was all her life in Kent. Not sure if I have her actual death certificate or if I got it from parish records, will have to look to make sure I have my facts right. If she went to bournemouth I could have a whole new family waiting in the wings...lol

28-09-19, 10:35
yep mine definitely died 1917 unless buried alive as it gives her address in the parish registers, so I am guessing that the fmp hints are not very good!!

Sylvia C
28-09-19, 22:05
This was a "hint" that I once got from GR in the days when they did Trumps, matches etc ..........

Mary Smith
Y.O.B: 1779
Place: Launton, Oxfordshire
Children: 4


Elizabeth Powell
Y.O.B: 1685
Place: Towcester, Northamptonshire


I have distrusted ALL tips and hints since that one!

I have had almost as bad from Ancestry.

29-09-19, 08:48
for the first time I am finding it kind of creepy because somebody has all the correct details of my immediate family but I dont know who it is, and then they go off onto somewhere or somebody that I know anything about

Sylvia C
29-09-19, 22:08
I got the email from FMP this morning, and I don't like the way in which it says you get the hint, you can take names from that tree but you can't contact each other until later