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09-09-19, 10:35
how many trees can you have on ancestry? I have been going through all my distant dna cousins and have managed to put some into groups so would like to do some separate trees for each group but not sure if you are allowed to do so many trees. I was trying to make it easier for others to find their connections to my tree because I already have a large tree.

09-09-19, 10:41
I think you can make as many as you like. I keep all my research in one master tree as one day I will find the missing links and then I just need to join them up! Merging is fraught with dangers. :)

Val wish Id never started
09-09-19, 11:51
right there Caroline, wish I hadn't

09-09-19, 11:53
I keep adding them. Have some for friends so they can see their trees. Also test out theories, by adding logical guesses to see if they pan out. Never tried to merge trees.

Jill on the A272
09-09-19, 13:46
I've got several, one main one, two separate ones for particular surnames, another for working things out without messing up the main one, one for OH's DNA, two for local history, another for my postcard collection, another for wills to try to see how various families with the same name in Georgian Sussex connect, and two for friends who asked me to do a tree. I don't enable hints for all of them, it would drive me crackers.

09-09-19, 15:33
I don't enable hints for all of them, it would drive me crackers.
I think thats where I went wrong as I started to build a 2nd tree but intended to keep it tight but then started adding the hints so ended up too big again.
Interesting that you are trying to connect sussex families. I have some that migrated to Kent from Sussex. My main mystery at the moment with that side is Hannah Guy. I believe she was b 1806 Warburton Sussex. I believe she was married to Thomas Sinden. It was after her husbands death that she then joins my family and becomes the partner of Thomas Baker

14-09-19, 15:29
I have a tree for my paternal side, A tree for my maternal grandfather and a tree for my maternal grand mother.
The only common persons in each of them are my parents, which means they merge very easily, because they do not have multiple duplications that could cause problems.
The reason I have split the maternal side into two trees, is that I am doing a one name search on the areas they lived in, slowly building 'clans' and then adding them to the main trunk of that surname. This is because the Pooles and Pursgloves in their respective areas have so many individuals.

I find that doing this has made it far easier to correct branches when I have realised mistakes have been made (so many Johns married Elizabeth and had dau mary or son Edward in the same area at the same time :rolleyes:).

I tend to keep the 'work in progress' trees on Ancestry open yo public search, but my main correct version is kept private. (too many just nick your research and add it to their tree without the decency of contacting you).

14-09-19, 23:52
3 pages worth? I keep trying to build out trees for genetic matches, for people I'm trying to help (including ftf friends!), and my own.

There's another bunch of trees that I've been invited to.

For my genetic matches, I've started to name them Z<genetic testing site> Name of genetic match.

15-09-19, 09:47
3 pages worth? I keep trying to build out trees for genetic matches, for people I'm trying to help (including ftf friends!)...

And a great help you are too! Maybe we should have a badge symbol or something for those who go the extra mile all the time? I have a good few nominations to make including PhotoFamily :good:

15-09-19, 14:22
It wasn't just me working with you! I did not have the insight about Scottish records...but thank you :)