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26-08-19, 03:04
can anyone find anything on the lallie raleigh (paleigh on fmp) b.1859, kingston jamaica in the 1911 census? 340 king st, hammersmith, london. she states widowed, married 13 yrs with no children. a servant in a private agency. i can't spot her at all in other records.

Sylvia C
26-08-19, 04:03
It has taken me about 15 minutes searching on both Ancestry and FMP, with no success ....... and have finally found her on FMP by omitting her BIRTH year and the address!

Lallie Paleigh, age 57, born ca 1854, Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.

Post Occupier
Address:- 240 King Street

I think the image actually says PAST Occupier

Her surname is also Raleigh on the image

The image also has 340 King Street written on it under Lallie's signature .......... which appears to be an error on her part, as the next image is for a family living at 340 King Stree

Sylvia C
26-08-19, 04:10
For some reason, the transcriber on Ancestry has Lallie as living with the family on the next image, James Egan head

Sylvia C
26-08-19, 04:19
I can't see any other records for her

26-08-19, 05:39
Some Electoral Roll records on Ancestry
Lallie Raleigh
1912/15 16 Hall Gdns Acton
1913 1 Hyde Park Chambers, Westminster
1823/24 10 Park Mansions Arcade, Knightsbridge

London City Directory
1915/1920 147A Knightsbridge SW Dress Agency
1925 10 Park Mansions Arcade, Knightsbridge SW1 Dress Agency


26-08-19, 13:48
thank you for looking. so nothing prior to 1911? odd.

26-08-19, 13:57
I can't see her anywhere either other than found above by Vera and the 1911 census, I love the fact that she has a dress agency in Park Mansions Arcade, sounds really interesting :)

26-08-19, 13:59
and 1909 reg of electors, so on her own then

26-08-19, 14:20
there is something in the 1870 census - I only have Uk sub, could be her?
Name Lallie Reilley
abt 1854 location
1870 city Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA

I assume not old enough for marriage though so not likely

26-08-19, 21:29
Still looking, found this advert 1922 just as an aside

26-08-19, 22:38
What else do you know about her Kyle? You must have other info in order to have found her on the 1911 census.

26-08-19, 23:33
Do you know if she actually married, I wondered if she could add the 'Mrs' to improve her status in the circles she wanted to be in?

26-08-19, 23:51
I was looking for any lallie b.1859 in jamaica in the census. My ancestors second wife was a sarah anne elizabeth, called lallie (down as sallie once in census), present in 1891 and 1901 censuses. She says she was b.1859 kingston, jamaica. She disappears after 1901 and i can't find a marriage to my ancestor. Was hoping later records might help with a maiden name and the marriage. Came across this lady, and she is conveniently mysterious.

27-08-19, 01:24
The earliest I can find her is in the 1908 Kelly's directory and also on the 1908 Electoral Register