View Full Version : What did Martin inherit after the well bucket?

Jill on the A272
22-08-19, 19:04
I'm struggling with a couple of words in Joane Harwood's will (https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:S3HY-6MZ9-SN7?i=733&cat=567239), any thoughts please?

one yeareafter my decease by my Executor It I give to my sone martin Harwood my tabell and forme in the hall and the great wood Chest and the Cubard in the butury and all the shilves and benches in the house that benailed and the Cheesepress and dresser in the kichen and well
bucket and ????? and horse mangers and ????? andfive shillings"


Sussex Maid
22-08-19, 19:31
Could it be bucket and roope (rope) and horse mangers and rackes (racks)?

Jill on the A272
22-08-19, 20:03
Of course, I can see it now - every well bucket needs a rope and the "rackes" would be in the stable to hold the tack. Thankyou Sussex Maid - it's a Sussex will too!

22-08-19, 22:47
when was the will dated? I guess a well bucket was a bit of a lifeline, interesting what was valuable

Jill on the A272
23-08-19, 07:25
Probate was 1690, it was written in 168? - I'd forgotten that I can't read the final digit. There's a link in my first post if anyone fancies a look.

Jill on the A272
23-08-19, 07:58
I've been asked about where to find Sussex wills on Familysearch, here's the link (https://www.familysearch.org/search/catalog/results?count=20&placeId=23117&query=%2Bplace%3A%22England%2C%20Sussex%22%20%2Bsu bject%3Aprobate%20%2Bavailability%3AOnline&subjectsOpen=365281-50)

Or you can search the catalogue with England, Sussex in the place field, Probate in the subjects field and clicking on the "online" button, there are 34 categories, thousands of original wills also including 1858-1900 wills proved at Chichester copied into ledgers.

23-08-19, 07:59
I think it might be a 5 - the bottom curl not formed perhaps?

23-08-19, 08:19
I find it interesting that the witnesses and Joane had not signed but only made their marks. I suppose they are only witnessing the "Signature" not what is actually written in the will. People needed to trust whoever wrote the will for them- they could have been signing everything away!

Jill on the A272
23-08-19, 10:13
Thanks Kat. I think Henry Harwood signed, yes it's just the fact that the testator signed that they are witnessing.

I'm trying to unknot the Harwood families around the Pulborough area, they have an annoying habit of all having sons called John. Some of them leave money or items to people described as kinsmen or kinswoman and may or may not be related to me or my husband (we have a common Harwood ancestor in Pulborough in the 17th century).

Olde Crone Holden
23-08-19, 10:15

Witnesses do not need to read a will to sign it and indeed I think it might be considered rude to read it! I have witnessed two wills, both times the page was covered with a blank sheet of paper.

My parents made mirror wills and went to the solicitors office to sign them and they were witnessed by office staff. Mum died first and to our horror, probate was refused because she had not actually signed!!!! All was well.though - the solicitor had to swear that my mother had had every intention of signing and the two witnesses also had to swear that mum had turned up to sign her will.


Jill on the A272
23-08-19, 10:27
Yes, I witnessed many wills when I worked in banking, nearly always covered over. Bank policy was to sign and also use the date stamp.

23-08-19, 13:51
We did ours in each other’s presence and the witness to both our signatures was our solicitor who drawn up both mirror wills and the second witness was his p.a.

Uncle John
23-08-19, 20:41
Witnesses to a testator's signature must not see the contents of a will. They might be beneficiaries or otherwise connected.

Sylvia C
23-08-19, 20:51
A beneficiary cannot witness a will in Canada or the US ............... so I checked online.

They cannot witness a will in England either.

An Executor can witness a will in England but only if not also a beneficiary

In the US and Canada a beneficiary who witnesses a will could have his/her inheritance declared void.