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22-08-19, 14:32
I seem to be going round in circles. Does anyone know if there would there be any divorce records online for the 1970's for Wirral?

Olde Crone Holden
22-08-19, 17:51
As I understand it, modern di vorce records are not kept more than 20 years. There just might be something in a local newspaper but even that is unlikely by the 1970s as divorce was becoming more commonplace and not particularly newsworthy any more.


22-08-19, 17:55
I notice that a lot were reported in the newspapers, could be worth a search if you have not tried.

22-08-19, 18:04
It was a good job I decided to check on the site as I didn't received notification, and I didn't want people to think I was rude!

Thanks very much for your replies and insight. I will check out the newspapers - but it is probably a dead end in that respect for this enquiry.

Thanks again for your help, it is much appreciated.

22-08-19, 18:14
I found one a while back, that particular paper must have sent office junior to courts once a week and just listed them all! so you may be lucky

22-08-19, 18:32
It certainly is worth a look!

23-08-19, 08:38
For England/Wales - Divorce records up to 1937, including details of the case, are held at the National Archives, Kew. I was looking through a box of them yesterday. Up to 1918, they have been made available on Ancestry.


Post 1937 - the records are available but will only be a copy of the decree confirming the names involved, the date of divorce, and the court granting it, and can be obtained from the court service. An application can be expensive (between £10-£65), depending on how much you know about when/where the divorce took place.


23-08-19, 09:58
Thanks very much AntonyM, that's good information and I have learnt something new!