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Val wish Id never started
07-08-19, 22:46
dont know what I'm doing wrong

GRO Reference: 1854 J Quarter in CLERKENWELL Volume 01B Page 466

07-08-19, 23:12
I dont think it has been transcribed

https://www.ancestry.co.uk/interactive/8912/ONS_B18541AG-0996?pid=42075033&usePUB=true&backurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ancestry.co.uk%2Fsearch% 2Fcollections%2Ffreebmdbirth%2F%3Fbirth%3D1854%26b irth_x%3D0-0-0%26count%3D50%26f-F00056EC%3D1B%26f-F00056EC_x%3D1%26f-F0005906%3D466%26f-F0005906_x%3D1%26priority%3Dunited-kingdom#?imageId=ONS_B18542RZ-0468

as there is no drop down to choose a person, as there is normally. Can you report it somehow?

07-08-19, 23:34
Perhaps this one

Eliza Snell b 04/05/1854
Bap 29/05/1854
St Peters, Saffron Hill, St Andrews Parish, Holborn
Father George Tobbaconist
Mother Elizabeth
Living ? Turmsmile Street

EDIT Thats not what you asked for!


Val wish Id never started
07-08-19, 23:45
Thanks Vera I do have that,:) thanks Carolyn will try and report it.:)

Anne in Carlisle
08-08-19, 08:22
I often find missing ones on Ancestry. They are supposed to be taken directly from FreeBMD for dates before 1916(ish). However some never made it. If I want to add a source for the birth on my tree I reference FreeBMD and the GRO index and leave a note to say Ancestry have failed to index it!

Chrissie Smiff
08-08-19, 09:41
If it's any help Val she is there on page 236 of 385 but not transcribed. I went through till I found her -
https://www.ancestry.co.uk/interactive/8912/ONS_B18542RZ-0348?pid=49906016&backurl=https://search.ancestry.co.uk/cgi-bin/sse.dll?_phsrc%3DocR214%26_phstart%3DsuccessSource %26usePUBJs%3Dtrue%26indiv%3D1%26dbid%3D8912%26gsf n%3DEliza%26cp%3D0%26msbdy%3D1854%26msbdy_x%3D1%26 msbdm%3D6%26msbdm_x%3D1%26new%3D1%26rank%3D1%26uid h%3Duo6%26redir%3Dfalse%26gss%3Dangs-d%26pcat%3D34%26fh%3D4%26h%3D49906016%26recoff%3D% 26ml_rpos%3D5&treeid=&personid=&hintid=&usePUB=true&_phsrc=ocR214&_phstart=successSource&usePUBJs=true&_ga=2.206867795.1942682483.1565166856-468445775.1560973048#?imageId=ONS_B18542RZ-0468

Val wish Id never started
08-08-19, 16:47
will do Anne, and you clever girl Chrissie, thanks a lot :)

08-08-19, 18:25
That was the same link I gave :)

Val wish Id never started
08-08-19, 20:13
oops sorry Carolyn I missed it dont know how, thanks very much:)

08-08-19, 21:32
Thought I was going mad !

Val wish Id never started
08-08-19, 22:28
no I was:madd:

Chrissie Smiff
09-08-19, 08:08
Sorry Carolyn, I hadn't realised either:o