View Full Version : German ancestors Surname Feucht.

28-07-19, 21:34
I am researching my grandfathers side of our family tree and have been for the last 10 years or so but cant seem to go down futher than him and all that I do no for certain is the information that I have of him from when he settled here after the second world war and married my welsh grandmother. The information I do have is that he came from Eschweiler Aachen germany and that my ansestors were Feucht and some Dekker or Decker any help of were to go from here would be much appriciated.

29-07-19, 01:08
Probably best to try and locate his birth certificate in germany. You would presumably have his father's name and occupation from his marriage?

German research can be difficult, but ancestry and familysearch are adding more records, and west germany is better covered.

Aachen is part of westphalia, so possibly some luck on familysearch?

If no luck, i would consider getting in touch with a researcher. They would know local records well and be able to help locate and transcribe records.

I've used a reseacher for my german roots. In my case there is no alternative, and mine are from eastern germany and not much is online. Also, german script is very difficult to read, and for my lot, can't even make out names.

29-07-19, 21:16
Yes his father was Peter Feucht and was a teacher, how would I go about obtaining his birth certificate with this information thankyou for your help.