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21-07-19, 02:12
I have reread my 4x greatgrandfather's will. His name is George Lane,1761-1842. In it he has left a legacy to his cousin Andrew Lane, gentleman, of "Pishobury".
The writing is quite hard to decipher. Is or was that a place or what is it supposed to be?
Thank you in advance

Sylvia C
21-07-19, 04:27
I Googled Pishobury ........ always a good thing to do when you want a place name or anything else!!

Wikipedia says this ..........

Pishiobury, sometimes spelled Pishobury, was a manor and estate in medieval Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire. Its denomination as "Pishiobury" only emerged in the mid to late 19th century.

If you Google further, Wikipedia will tell you that Sawbridgeworth is a small town near the border with Essex

Sylvia C
21-07-19, 04:40
The 1841 Census on Ancestry tells me

Andrew Lane age 77, b.ca 1764 lived in Sawbridgeworth, with Mary Lane age 30, and Susan Thread, age 19 Servant

Andrew's occupation is shown as Steward.

I can't read the address

Note that ages on the 1841 Census (and ONLY that census) were rounded down to the nearest 5

In 1851 ..........

Andrew Lane age 86, b.ca 1765, Old Warden, Bedfordshire, living in Sawbridgeworth, with Mary Lane age 38, daughter; Francis Lane age 36, daughter; Visitors Richard Fenney age 7 and Edith Fenney age 5; and Servant Emma Savill age 38

Andrew's occupation is shown as Fund Holder, and the address is London Road

brentor boy
21-07-19, 07:49
From FreeReg:-
Baptism 17 June 1764. Andrew Lane. Parents Andrew and Rachel. St Mary, Haynes, Beds. Private baptism.

( Haynes to Old Warden 4.4 miles)

21-07-19, 10:13
Haynes just down the road from me, and grew up near Sawbridgeworth! I have no memory of pishiobury, but see that the council bought it in 1980, so when I was working there, just can't think why I didn't know it so am intrigued.

Old Warden is a really pretty village, and is the home to the Swiss Gardens and Shuttleworth collection, which was I assume all part of the manor of house.

Old warden has its own church, so wonder why he would be baptised in Haynes. There is a big manor house in Haynes as well Haynes Park, not in the public domain.

21-07-19, 10:34
just a frivolous piece of info - this is the area where David and Victoria Beckham lived for a few years, just been googling to see if it was the same place...

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rowneybury_House was part of the manor.

and loads of info about the restoration of the park here https://www.eastherts.gov.uk/article/35418/Pishiobury-Park

22-07-19, 01:55
Thank you. I am so dumb sometimes. Never occured to google even though I google all the time

22-07-19, 01:57
Awesome. thank you. Interesting about the 1841 census. that is why my 2x great grandfather is listed as 10yrs instead of 14. Made him the same age as his younger sister

22-07-19, 02:13
Thanks for all your help. Now I have to work out how he is related to George b.1761 d.1842. What I am actually trying to do is prove a direct link to Col. John Lane and his sister Jane who helped Charles 2nd escape to France. My family has been brought up in the belief that this is true but I am now having serious doubts. I have even used a london based historian because that's where George and his descendants were based, to no avail.