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brentor boy
10-07-19, 07:06
Alma Dell Gloyd was born on 5 May 1900 in Maryland, the daughter of Perry Augustin and Willie Minerva (Cowling) Gloyd.
In July 1918 she enlisted in the US Navy Reserve Force and I presume she still serving when she died in September 1934 as the military supplied her gravestone. At that time the official documentation referred to her as "Alma Dell Gloyd or Jones".
An entry on Rootsweb World Connect names her husband as Richard Jones but gives no details of where or when they were married.
Is there any evidence that she was legally married?

Olde Crone Holden
10-07-19, 10:35
Um, forgive this stupid question, but are you sure Alma was female? In the UK, females would not have been allowed to join the military, not even as reservists.

To answer the original question, if someone is officially referred to as Gloyd or Jones, it means there was no marriage but they were commonly known as Jones.


brentor boy
10-07-19, 11:42
The first woman recruited into the U S Navy Reserve Force for active duty, other than as a nurse, was Loretta Perfectus Walsh who joined 17 March 1917. Alma was certainly female.

Your comments support my suspicion that there may not have been a marriage.

Olde Crone Holden
10-07-19, 12:09
Wow, that's amazing, I really had no idea that women were part of the military that far back!


11-07-19, 04:17
She was with her husband in the 1930, reporting that she was married at age 24. One daughter also present, as well as her husband, Richard. They're in Virginia. Interesting that her husband is listed as a veteran but she is not. The enumerator probably didn't think of asking/adding veteran status to a woman.

In the US, you don't necessarily have to be in active service to get a headstone? My GF served in WWI, has a military gravemarker, but hadn't served for some 40 years. The application probably just reflects the military giving both her service surname and her surname at time of death.

The 1930 record is probably on FS.

The image of the application is on Ancestry. Name is definitely JONES, Alma Dell (nee Gloyd)

US BMD records are state by state, and I'm not sure MD's are online. Lack of a cert may only mean it's difficult to find.

11-07-19, 04:20
OK, from ancestry, Maryland Militia Men or some such:
Name: Alma Dell Gloyd
Gender: Male
Race: White
Age: 18 Years 2 Months
Birth Date: abt 1898
Birth Place: Gaithersburg, MD.
Residence Place: Gaithersburg, Montgomery Co.
Decorations: Order of St. Sava (Serbian)
Military Year: 1917-1919
Military Place: Maryland, USA
Comments: NRF 7/20/18 lands for yeo; yeo 3c 11/1/18, Navy Dept Washington D.C. 7/22/18, Inact 7/31/19

Emphasis added. Original record not on Ancestry, so probably a transcription error?
And the medal notation is, uh, unexpected? Could be an interesting story:

11-07-19, 04:35
The application indicated she was buried in this cemetery. You could request a photo, and ask the volunteer to look for her husband's, too

brentor boy
11-07-19, 06:59
Photo family, I am lost for words! Thank you so much. Plenty for me to work on now. Should keep me busy for a while. That decoration is quite intriguing.

It looks as if she may have only served for a short period. " inact 7/31/19". Thanks for explaining about the headstone. Interesting that it was her father who was responsible for arranging that with the military. I noted her occupation was given as "clerk" in 1920.

I see that by 1930 Richard had installed a new wife, Mildred, in the family home.

Still more digging to do!

11-07-19, 16:36
You're welcome! I'm really suspicious that the military decoration is bogus - i.e., some sort of transcription error, either by ancestry or by the writer of the book. But it should be an interesting investigation!

12-07-19, 01:13
OK, many of these books are online, and the Maryland Military is.
This link is to the abbreviations:

and this link to the record (no mention of decorations):

so, NRF - Naval Reserve Force
lands(man) for yeo(man)
yeoman 3c (third class)
Looks like she served in the Naval Department in Washington DC from Jul 1918 until going inactive in July 1919. Yes, my guess is that she served as a clerk in Washington during the war, as part of an activated Reserve unit, then went back to civilian life when the war was over.

I did receive a great deal of assistance from a historical war-buff website when I was looking for info about my grandfather. Most US WWI service records went up in smoke, so the person who responded to my query found a local magazine that had info about my g'father's reserve unit. Someone may be able to assist in similar fashion.

brentor boy
12-07-19, 06:45
Thanks for the links.

On the application for her headstone she is shown as having been discharged from service on 20 April 1920 in the rank of Yeoman(F). Interesting that it was her father and not her husband named as the lead figure.