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09-07-19, 17:08
Anyone know the whereabouts of this couple who married in Dublin?

Marriage 24 Feb 1903 at RC Chapel St Pauls' ?Quay Dublin North.
Daniel Brady full, Bachelor Painter of 4 Church Lane, off Kevin street.
Father Michael Brady Small Contractor.
Spouse Harriett Sowers minor, spinster of 9 Wood Lane.
Father Wiliam Sowers Soldier.
Witnesses John Brady & Martha Brady. Daniel's siblings.
Transcription error No ā€˜Sā€™ on the end of the Surname of Sower.

Janet H.
09-07-19, 18:18
there is a Daniel Brady on the 1911 Irish census.

Qualified to vote as Inhabitant or ratepayer
Address 19 New Street 2nd floor , top back
Ward Wood Quay
Division Division 4: St. Patricks
might be yours. It doesnt give other residents of the household

09-07-19, 19:30
I have been looking at this one in the 1911. Different wife

21.5 Church Place Rathmines and Rathgar Dublin
Daniel Brady 39 Head R/C Painter b Dublin
Anne/ie Wife 33 R/C b Dublin
Edward J 4
Married 5 years 4 children born 2 living

There is a marriage in 1906 14/03
Chapel of Our Immaculate Lady of Refuge
Daniel Brady, Painter, Full Age, Widower, 6 Charlmont Mall. Father John, Carpenter dec
Anne/ie Kavanagh full age, Spinster, 1 Ranelagh Road. Father Edward dec Gardener
Witnesses Michael ??
Sarah Murphy

Cant see a death for Harriett but there is a death for a male Brady child name Unknown f Painter in 1903 Hollis Hospital.


09-07-19, 20:37
Thank you both for your replies.

The Daniel Brady who married Harriett Sower, was born 07 Sep 1879, at 42 Ranelagh Rd, Rathmines, Co.Dublin.

Harriett Sower Born 17 Apr 1882 at Curragh Camp, Dist of Newbridge, Union of Naas, Co. Kildare, Ireland.
Father William Sower Private O.S.C. Mother Mary Tyrrell
Father W. Sower of Curragh Camp Registered the Birth on 25 April 1882

I can't find either of them living together in Dublin on the 1911 Census after their Marriage in 1903. In fact I can't find Daniel on his own on the 1901 Census either as he's not living with his parents.

09-07-19, 21:08
Vera..You were right about the death for a male Brady child name Unknown f Painter in 1903 Hollis Hospital.:)
He died 1 Feb 1903 aged 1 Day.

Unknown Brady Born 31 Jan at Hollis Hospital Father Daniel Brady, Painter of 4 Church Lane off Kevin Street.
Mother Harriett... Transcribed as Somers! The handwriting is not very good!

So the poor little soul was born before his parents were married.
Not the first child to be born out of wedlock in my Brady family but I wonder how Harriett's family took it or maybe they didn't know!

09-07-19, 22:52
I wonder if she stayed with Daniel. Not seeing any other births registered between 1903 and 1911 mmn Sower/Sowers/Somer


10-07-19, 04:57
There is a newspaper article in the Dublin Daily Express 17 August 1909 mentioning a Daniel Brady of 3 Hatch Lane rescuing a child from the ornamental lake at St Stephens Green. Looking at a map, Hatch Lane & Kevin Street are a little over half a mile apart, so could be a possibillity.

If the link works and you zoom in on Kevin Street, you should also see Church Lane:
https://www.google.com/maps/dir/Hatch+Ln,+Saint+Kevin's,+Dublin,+Ireland/Kevin+Street+Lower,+Dublin,+Ireland/@53.3351898,-6.2631636,16z/data=!4m15!4m14!1m5!1m1!1s0x48670ea24190cf03:0xb64 c3f05902dd5a4!2m2!1d-6.2561161!2d53.3333979!1m5!1m1!1s0x48670c209a6e95b 5:0xa1cad6d2f1467b54!2m2!1d-6.2676061!2d53.337632!3e2!4e1

You ca also find them both on this 1912 map, on either side of St Stevens Green/Royal University College, and both very close to St Vincent Hospital

10-07-19, 05:15
This could be Harriet in 1911. Transcribed Harreet. With maybe a remarried mother.

Thomas McDermott 71 Gen Lab b Ballinasloe Co Galway
Mary McDermott Wife 58 b Co Kildare
Harreet Sower 26 Stepdaughter Domestic Servant Single b Co Kildare
Living 51.3 Francis Street Wood Quay Dublin

Mary says married 10 years but not seeing a marriage


10-07-19, 05:55
Found the marriage transcribed as Mary Tyrrell

07/04/1902 St Nicholas ? Francis Dublin

Thomas McDermott Full age Bachelor Labourer
11 Bow Lane Father ?Michael ? ?Butler

Mary Sower Full Age Widow
7 Chaplin Place, Upper Kevin Street
Father Peter Tyrrell Labourer dec


10-07-19, 21:16
Thanks for both your replies. :)

I had seen Harreet Sower on the 1911 Census but I couldn't find a Thomas McDermot's marriage to her mother.
No wonder! His name was recorded Thomas MacDermott and Mary's is transcribed as Tyrrell yet the record cleary states her name a Mary Sower, a Widow. I'm in contact with someone else who could'nt find their marriage either. So I can pass this on to him now.