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02-07-19, 09:47
Hi all,

I have been trying to locate 2 of my ancestors Thomas Laycock (1788) and John Laycock (1815)

Thomas Laycock born abt. 1788
Married to Elizabeth
Had 2 sons (that I know of) John Laycock (1815) and Henry Mortimer Laycock (1818)
Thomas was also a fisherman

John Laycock born abt. 1815 in Brighton, Sussex
Married Mary Ann Burfield - 07 August 1845 in Brighton
He to was a fisherman
Had 7 children born between 1847 to 1863

I have johns baptism record and have him on census 1861 onwards. Nothing before as am unable to find him so I wondered if he could possibly have been at sea when 1841/1851 census was taken.

Thomas I can find no record of anywhere except John and Mary's marriage record and Johns baptism record.

Would there be any fishing records about and if so how would I go about finding them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

02-07-19, 10:37
Findmypast have Merchant Navy & Maritime (https://search.findmypast.co.uk/search-united-kingdom-records-in-education-and-work/and_merchant-navy-and-maritime#) records under Education & work. There's a chance they might be there. There are some Laycocks in the lists.

We also have a page with maritime sources in our Reference Library: FTF Guide: Maritime History (http://www.familytreeforum.com/content.php/261-Maritime-History) which might be useful.

02-07-19, 10:40
You've probably already found these pages on google:



Chrissie Smiff
02-07-19, 11:05
This couldn't be them in 1851 could it with all the ages out? John would have been 4, not 14 and the parents should be 38 and 31 hmmm - it's the only one I could find that was close ish!

This looks like the daughter Mary Ann with grandparents in 1951 - https://www.ancestry.co.uk/interactive/8860/SSXHO107_1638_1638-0131?pid=1697078&usePUB=true&backurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ancestry.co.uk%2Fsearch% 2Fcollections%2Fuki1851%2F%3Fname%3DJohn_Laycock%2 6birth%3D1846_brighton-sussex-england-united%2Bkingdom_87837%26count%3D50%26father%3DJoh n%26mother%3DMary%2BA%26residence%3D_brighton-sussex-england-united%2Bkingdom_87837%26sibling%3DMary%2BA

Chrissie Smiff
02-07-19, 11:11
Sorry, I see that the first John had died aged 0. So not them.

02-07-19, 11:20
its really strange that I cannot find them on either 1841 or 1851 census. on other census records and baptism it says john was born in brighton yet can find nothing until 1861

Jill on the A272
02-07-19, 14:00
There's a Thomas Laycock buried 22nd Nov 1831 at St Nicholas, Brighton of Duke's Court, age 50. The age is a bit out but it depends on the informant knowing the correct age.

02-07-19, 14:09
oh really? you wouldnt by any chance have the link to record would you?

Jill on the A272
02-07-19, 14:12
No, I found it on the Sussex Family History Group members only pages, but I think the parish record images can be found on familysearch, you just have to create a free account.

02-07-19, 14:26
is that a group on facebook?

Jill on the A272
02-07-19, 18:03
This is the SFHG homepage
http://www.sfhg.org.uk/ there is a members page for baptisms and burial transcripts, members can also request transcripts of wills or any tombstone photos the group holds, I have found it indispensable for my Sussex ancestors, well worth the £15subscription. There is also a Sussex Marriage Index CD with transcripts than can be bought.

There's a Facebook page as well.

Jill on the A272
02-07-19, 18:34
My error with the burial date (corrected now in the post) it should read 22nd November. The entry below it is for Martha Laycock, age 2 also of Dukes Court, with a marginal note that she died of smallpox.
Here's the Familysearch link https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:S3HT-DY63-JXM?i=355

Jill on the A272
02-07-19, 20:31
I think the family Chrissie found are the right ones - son John was not the one who died he is with them on the 1861 census, Mary Ann says she is born in Glynde and her daughter Mary Ann is with her Burfield grandparents in Laughton which is the next village to Glynde.

Having worked out via the GRO index which Laycocks are children of John Laycock and Mary Ann Burfield I've found some addresses from cross referencing with the baptisms.

Mary Ann bapt 19 Dec 1847 St Nicholas , father fisherman, Great Russell Street
Sarah Bap 14 Nov 1852 father a fisherman, Middle Street
Elizabeth bapt 25 Mar 1855, fisherman Gun Street (think this is a mistranscription for Sun Street where they lived 1861)
Frances bap 26 Apr 1857 Mariner of Inn Street [Sun street again?]
George bapt 21 Sep 1862 father fisherman 17 Sun Street (tallies with 1861 address)
Frederick 18 Dec 1859, fisherman Sun Street

Sun Street was demolished in the 1930s. Middle Street is still there, I often have lunch in a pub there when I'm in Brighton!

03-07-19, 16:54
I am getting very confused because there are 2 sets of John and Mary Anns Listed in Brighton

John and Mary Ann Burfield
John and Mary Ann Dabner

I am having issue trying to work out which child belongs to which couple and am getting really confused.

Makes it harder still because both Johns were fisherman lol

Jill on the A272
03-07-19, 17:38
Yes, but you can do what I did to come up with the list on post #13 and search on the General Register Office website for Laycock with mother's maiden name Burfield (you need to create a free account) https://www.gro.gov.uk/gro/content/certificates/indexes_search.asp

You have to specify male or female and can only search for 2 years either side of a specific date. Don't put Brighton as the registration district as early on it was Brighthelmstone but it doesn't come up in the drop down menu. Or you can search for maiden name Dabner for elimination purposes.

Harrys mum
03-07-19, 22:54
My Laycock morphed from Haylock, if that’s any help.

03-07-19, 23:05
yeah gives me another option. problem i have is that cannot find any definitive dates for thomas laycock. records sort of dry up at john laycocks baptism so havent been able to go back any further into my tree

Jill on the A272
06-07-19, 20:46
Have you seen the original register? There's a date of birth for John Laycock on his baptism, 8th Feb 1814. Bapt the same day as his brother Henry Mortimer Laycock. It gives Edward Street as their address.


There's also a burial of infant Mortimer Laycock of Edward Street 14 Sep 1814 at St Nicholas, Brighton and Sarah Laycock infant of Edward Street 11 Dec 1820

06-07-19, 22:51
yes, ive seen the baptism for john and henry. not seen anything of mortimor and sarah though. but can find nothing of thomas earlier than that