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brentor boy
02-07-19, 06:42
In 1851 JRC was recorded, aged 16, unmarried, as a servant in the household of Susanna Polgreen, Lamerton, Devon. HO 107. Piece/ folio 1884/123, page 16

I am interested in two Cowling brothers who migrated from Cornwall in early 1800s. One settled in the Lamerton area of West Devon and the other moved on to Carmarthenshire and Cardiganshire, Wales.

I cannot place JRC in either family and I think she could be totally unrelated to both but I cannot dismiss the possibility until I can establish who she was. I do not recognise her on any other census nor have I identified any other entry for her on Family Search. I can see no record of her marriage or death on Free BMD.

Can anyone see something I am missing or is better equipped with lateral thinking?

02-07-19, 08:47
Only one I can see at the moment. Bit young though.
1841 England, Wales & Scotland Census
Meeting House Lane, Bedwellty, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, Wales
Phillip Cowling Male 30 1811 - Miner
Christiana Cowling Female 40 1801 -
Elizabeth Cowling Female 3 1838 -
Joanna Cowling Female 2 1839 -
Richard Cowling Male 1 1840 -
None born in county

02-07-19, 13:51
the Rundle bit must be a family name? what is the mothers maiden name of the brothers do you know?

also it maybe that the mother is also Joanna.

Can you give a bit more info on the brothers eg where and when they were born

brentor boy
02-07-19, 14:49
Many, many, thanks, Kat. You have cracked it!

Philip Cowling married Christina Nicholls in Gwennap on 25 June 1832. The groom was from Llan-fair-a-yr- bryn, Carmarthenshire. He was the son of Thomas and Joanna (Reynolds) Cowling married St Agnes in 1791. He was baptised in Gwennap on 1 Jan 1792. The family migrated to Devon 1795-1800 and on to Carmarthenshire in 1806/7.

I have yet to trace Joanna's baptism but Rundle would appear to be a misreprentation of Reynolds.

02-07-19, 17:36
seems to piece together nicely. I assume the mining was better in Wales even then, interesting move.