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21-06-19, 11:29
I am looking for help in accessing a marriage record for Rome in 1787 between George MANLEY and Anna Maria BARBERINI/BARBERI/BABERI. If anyone has any ideas as to how I might find this I would be very grateful!

21-06-19, 23:52
Mary from Italy occasionally drops in, and might have suggestions.
FamilySearch's catalog has this set of films that might be pertinent, but you would still need to find a way to see them. And they're probably in Latin, or perhaps, Italian.
FamilySearch's wiki has this information about searching for Italian genealogy/records

Where was George from, and do you know what church the children were baptized in (i.e., not the name of the church, but its denomination)?

22-06-19, 23:00
George was from Somerset and was Roman Catholic.

Sylvia C
23-06-19, 00:05
I know it is simplistic ........ but have you tried Googling??????

23-06-19, 18:43
I have googled and find information about George, but nothing about Anna Maria.