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18-06-19, 07:05
Hello! Any help in locating my father, James Calvin Morrison would be greatly appreciated. The only information I have is: Married Marjorie Jean Block on 25 August 1952 in Gary, IN He had been married previously . Was in Baltimore, MD in May 1953. Then in Vallejo, CA in 1954-55. 1956 was in Gary again. 1958-59 in Brownsville, TX. Separated or divorced from Marjorie sometime after that. He was married after 1959, perhaps several times. Possibly born in Rhode Island around 1919. Does have connection / family in Schnectady, NY. Unfortunately, I do not have a date of birth or parents, siblings names. Have sesrced numerous collections but to know avail. Any help much appreciated. Thank you!

18-06-19, 18:01
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Ancestry has the marriage cert for a daughter of this couple:
and yes, it indicates he was born in Rhode Island.

There's always the problem that the info on a cert is only as good as a) the knowledge of the informant and b) the willingness of the informant to share that info.

FamilySearch has strong possibilities for 1920/30/40 census records for him:
https://www.familysearch.org/search/record/results?count=20&query=%2Bgivenname%3A%22james%20calvin%22~%20%2Bsu rname%3Amorrison~%20%2Bbirth_place%3A%22rhode%20is land%22~%20%2Bbirth_year%3A1915-1921~%20%2Bmarriage_place%3Aindiana~%20%2Bmarriage _year%3A1952-1952~%20%2Bspouse_givenname%3Amarjorie~%20%2Bspous e_surname%3Ablock~
which might be negated by the 1925 RI State census, where the possible son is referred to as James M Morrison

It could be interesting to determine that mother's maiden name - if it is Calvin, I think you have your man.

Do you have any idea when he died? Did he serve in WWII? Draft registrations are easy to find, but enlistment records are much less detailed, and often not online/available.

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18-06-19, 18:52
Am looking for my father, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, born around 1919 possibly in Rhode Island and may have connections or family in Schenectady, NY. Married xxxxxxxxxxxx in Gary, Indiana. Was married before with at least one son. Possibly married again after 1959. Known residences include: Gary, Indiana , Baltimore, Maryland , Vallejo , California, Brownsville, Texas . Any help gratefully received. Have spent months looking but with no date of birth it is difficult. Thanks !

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18-06-19, 19:16
He is deceased. Died around 1994 as my sister was contacted by lawyer. His wife is also deceased in 1994. I can confirm mother's death but only know of father's as my sister was contacted by lawyer following his death. Unfortunately she doesn't remember details of the conversation . Thanks.

18-06-19, 19:17
Thanks but census gives no dates for birth. Have looked at them all.

18-06-19, 21:33
He is deceased. Died around 1994 as my sister was contacted by lawyer. His wife is also deceased in 1994. I can confirm mother's death but only know of father's as my sister was contacted by lawyer following his death. Unfortunately she doesn't remember details of the conversation . Thanks.

So, she does she remember what time of year that he contacted her, where JCM died, info about the wife that died in 1994?

but census gives no dates for birth. Have looked at them all.

Keeping in mind that I don't know where you've looked - but, yes, if we can hone in on a likely candidate in the census, then start building more records around that person. If we can't locate him in census, I'm more suspicious, given the quantity of info that you do have, that he was hiding things.

By 1916, most places in the US had reliable BMD records. OK, maybe not all but I think CT would.

Also - any idea about his occupation(s)?

18-06-19, 21:37
I think this would be a strong candidate for your man:
Name: James C. Morrison
SSN: 461-01-1596
Last Residence:
98901 Yakima, Yakima, Washington, USA
Born: 2 Dec 1916
Died: 14 Feb 1993
State (Year) SSN issued: Texas (Before 1951)

18-06-19, 21:41
So, that James Morrison in the 1920/30/40 censuses is not your man - here's the BC for him, proving the M. DOB does not match the candidate in post #7:
Name: James M Morrison
Birth Date: 15 Jul 1915
Birth Place: Rhode Island
1st Parent: Andrew D Morrison
2nd Parent: Julia Morrison

18-06-19, 21:49
This is not his wife. Per FindAGrave, her spouse was Robert
Name: Mary J. Morrison
SSN: 544-16-3902
Last Residence:
98022 Enumclaw, King, Washington, USA
Born: 3 Jan 1923
Died: 15 Dec 1994
State (Year) SSN issued: Oregon (Before 1951)

18-06-19, 21:58
So, you could try ordering the Washington Death Cert for the man in #7 (maybe you already have?). If the informant knew, then it would list his parents' and wife's info, as well as his POB.

It looks like CT birth certs are not on FS or Ancestry, but I believe you could request one:

The death cert might be enough to prove your man.

I know I wrote to a Yakima area GenSoc to locate an obit. That might also be useful, if you can locate one.

19-06-19, 12:22
Thank you for all your advice. Have found a James C. Morrison with two siblings living with another family which may be the connection. Am sure there is something not quite right here as the info is so patchy. Just the frequency of moves in six years is a bit iffy. But I will see how far I can get.

19-06-19, 13:08
As the deaths are confirmed I have reinstated the first thread and merged it with the replies.

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19-06-19, 16:15
Obviously, you have family stories and previous search results that can guide your research. Apologies if you have already worked on these ideas:
* you mentioned a first marriage and child from it. Locating records of those events may shed light on your search.
* presumably he divorced wife #1? Divorce records do exist, and can shed a lot of light if they can be found. They are (usually?) held in the county court offices where the divorce was filed.
* Locating his probate record (it might hold the information from the lawyer's search for descendants, for example)
* I sometimes find it useful to think about what was going on in the country in the time that my ancestors lived
- WWI ended in 1918.
- assistance to single mother's or poor families was often done thru charities, and families may have been broken up, with children used as labor (e.g., farms).
- young men were on their own at an early age (to us).
* last - genetic genealogy. If you haven't tested, it's worth a try. Methods used by DNAADOPTION.com are useful in anyone's family search, not just an adoptee's. Wait for a sale. Suggested progression for testing
- AncestryDNA
- migrate results to gedmatch.com and familytreeDNA.com (free upload and match lists, low $ cost to upgrade to advanced tools)
- migrate results to MyHeritage.com (not sure what they're charging now)
- test again at 23andme.com (with or without health reports - they don't assist your genealogy search)

Best wishes.