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14-06-19, 08:59
ancestry has a hint for a birth in sep qtr 1907 holborn for elsie b. shaw. vol 1a, see s/32.

what does this mean? and why can't i find the birth on the gro website?

Oakum Picker
14-06-19, 09:11
She was re-registered in Sep 1932 & the GRO only goes up to 1918.

Chrissie Smiff
14-06-19, 10:03
It appears to be a late entry, rather than a re-registered one - This is the one in 1932 -

Births Sep 1932 - Shaw Elsie B mmn Wheeler Holborn 1b 692

Oakum Picker
14-06-19, 10:11
But she also appears here:

Births Sep 1907 (>99%)
SHAW Elsie B Holborn 1b See S/32

Chrissie Smiff
14-06-19, 10:25
Yes, but only written on the bottom with nothing after the 1b. No sign of an actual registration at the time.

14-06-19, 14:30
Free BMD offers these explanations if you can understand them LOL!


14-06-19, 14:38
thanks all. she is the only one not registered, but starting to wonder if it's her after all. as the mother's name is wheeler and mine was wilce.