View Full Version : Help with what this will leaves

05-06-19, 21:00
Have just been following my Kirkman's and back a generation is a will leaving very specific amounts to the children dated 1820; having come to the end, there is a statement 2yrs later which I am unsure about so could do with a bit of help.

Am attaching the note which is written 1822, does it mean he left less than £600?

From the will
He left his farm to Sarah, Robert and John as tenants in common
Two sons £700 a piece
Two daughters £500 a piece

Jill on the A272
05-06-19, 21:53
Yes the estate was worth less than £600 though he must have thought his assets would cover the legacies at the time the will was made.

05-06-19, 22:15
Thanks Jill, never expected to find such a note at the end as I was reading it.