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28-05-19, 21:47
Searching for a death in Suffolk today noticed FreeBMD's new search facility.
When you choose a county all the relevant districts within that county are listed for you. Can be quite useful. I know you have always been able to select several districts at once by the old method but this is so much easier to see which districts belong to which county especially around London.
Don't know when this change came about but feel fairly sure this wasn't happening this morning.


Olde Crone Holden
28-05-19, 21:51
I noticed the red italic writing about a week ago but didn't twig the significance lol. In fact I was rather irritated and wondered what it meant! Now I know, thanks Kat.


Sylvia C
29-05-19, 01:04
That is good!!!

The fact that the District box shows all the registration areas in that county could be very useful.

Thanks Kat

Anne in Carlisle
29-05-19, 08:04
Yes, its been like this for about a week I think.

30-05-19, 19:20
Not happening for me - not sure what I'm/doing/not doing! The only difference I've found is when searching for pre-1900 records, I can include only an initial for a second forename

Sylvia C
30-05-19, 19:26
julite ....... are you sure?

When I chose Lancashire, red italic writing appeared under the County Box that said something like 1 county selected, and something about districts.

When I looked at the District Box, it didn't actually look very different ....... until I realised that every name was a Lancashire Registration District.

It didn't jump out at me, which is why I didn't notice it until I looked for it after Kat's post!

As far as including only an initial for a second forename ........

....... I've always used initial plus the wild card, ie S*, because most of the entries before about 1900 do only have initials for the second forename.

30-05-19, 20:00
Thanks for the response Sylvia
Just tried again: Staffordshire - in red '1county selected'; nothing extra about districts; the district box begins with Aberayron and continues through to York and Ystradgynlais - there are Staffs parishes but not identified as such - so no further forward.

Sylvia C
30-05-19, 20:40
hmmmmmmmmm ........... strange

I just selected Staffordshire, and the District Box shows the districts in the county, starting with Aldridge & Brownhills(Jun1966-Mar1974)

I hate to ask this, because sites always ask when one complains ............. do you think your browser might be the cause. I use Firefox.

30-05-19, 21:19
I think you're right - just tried it with edge - which I usually avoid - selected county - relevant districts appear. Thanks for the tip.

Sylvia C
30-05-19, 22:14
well now ...........

the sites are usually wrong when they ask about the browser being used :rotfl:

Glad it worked for you!!