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24-05-19, 23:44
I see that they have free records again this weekend, just had an email


I must make a note as came across something recently and for the life of me I can't remember who it was in my tree!

Sylvia C
25-05-19, 22:43
I saw a tip by someone on another site, in the event that you take advantage of this or any other free offer with Fold3

If you have a tree on ancestry, do NOT save a record from free Fold3 to your tree .............. you will NOT be able to see it after the offer ends.

Instead, save records to your computer then load to your tree.

25-05-19, 23:09
Just like ancestry. Must remember. Although I generally synch to FTM for that very reason. Must try and find the record I was looking at

Sylvia C
25-05-19, 23:38
I've never actually saved to my tree on Ancestry, I've always saved to my computer, just because .......

But I thought it was a good tip to pass on!

26-05-19, 09:06
definitely, easily forgotten.