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Janet in Yorkshire
20-05-19, 17:27
Can anyone add to this family?
11 June 1827 Mary Ann Williams mar Joseph Gapp Boulter at Brighthelmston. They had two sons – Joseph Gapp Boulter junior bp 11 May 1828 at Kennington, Lambeth, & Charles Boulter, bp Brighthelmston June 1829. I haven’t found any further births to this couple. James senior was recorded as an artist in both baptism registers. Gapp was the maiden surname of Joseph’s mother.
In 1841 a 12 year old Joseph Gapp & 11 year old Charles Gapp (no Boulter) were recorded in Brighthelmston workhouse. I haven’t been able to identify either Joseph senior or Mary Ann in 1841 census. Joseph Gapp Boulter sen died in Norwich workhouse on 9 April 1843 and was buried on 12 April “by his friends.” He was a Quaker. (His estate eventually went through administration in 1877, as part of a job lot of the five estates of five siblings, the applications being made by a communal nephew. The probate record stated, incorrectly, that Joseph Gapp Boulter sen was a bachelor.)
I have no idea what happened to Mary Ann, but suspect that she may well have died shortly after the birth in 1829. I don’t know what became of Joseph Gapp Junior. I’ve found 2 lots of merchant seaman records on FMP – one for Charles Gapp Boulter and another one for a Charles Gapp. Each entry has a different registration number and pob and year of first going to sea, BUT both registrations have the seaman with the same dob – 11 April, 1830.
Today I found this – https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:S3HY-64K7-ZVZ?i=29&cc=1459985
Charles Bolter was a mariner, born England c 1829/30. Can anyone help?

Thanks for reading and sorry about the length.

20-05-19, 21:53
have found this 1851


John Gaines 38
Elizabeth Gaines 29
Edwin Gaines 7
Emma Gaines 3
Joseph Boulter 23 born Brighton, Sussex, nephew...***artist

Edwin John Gains born Q3 Bloomsbury 1843 has a MMN as Williams

***just amended as I didn't write artist

20-05-19, 22:15
And Emma

GRO Reference: 1847 D Q in ST GILES IN THE FIELDS & ST GEORGE BLOOMSBURY Volume 01 Page 76

Janet in Yorkshire
20-05-19, 22:33
Thank you Elaine - a great find!:good:

The artist is also a plus (this lot were quite artistic - engravers, illustrators etc) as there was another Boulter family at Brighton around the same time and they were chimney sweeps. I don't think there was any connection between the two extended families.


20-05-19, 22:42
Got a bit stumped then found

GRO Reference: 1853 S Quarter in STRAND Volume 01B Page 375

and think the 2 girls could be here 1861


Thomas Dudney 46
Ann Dudney 45
Harriette Dudney 18
Emma Ann Gaines 13
Eliza Mary Gaines 7
Charles Whiddick 23

Record set Thames & Medway Marriages
First name(s) Thomas
Last name Dudney
Marriage year 1839
Spouse's first name(s) Ann
Spouse's last name Williams
County Kent
Country England
Place Northfleet
Marriage date 21 Mar 1839
Source St.Botolph Northfleet marriages 1837-1871

GRO Reference: 1842 J Quarter in NORTH AYLESFORD UNION Volume 05 Page 367

20-05-19, 22:44
The marriage is here page 13


Janet in Yorkshire
20-05-19, 23:09
Thanks again, Elaine.
Joseph Gapp B senior & Mary Ann Williams married in 1827, so too early to cross reference fathers' names on PR entries.:(


20-05-19, 23:31
did you find this for charles? Just more about mariner:

Janet in Yorkshire
21-05-19, 09:32
Thank you Carolyn. Unfortunately I'm not able to access that Ancestry link, even though I have a sub for Ancestry.co :( - sometimes the site just won't play ball once I'm in, tells me to sign in (even though I already have) and then won't accept my details. Can you tell me which Ancestry database I need to access the info and what to enter in the search box, please?


21-05-19, 10:36
I can see Carolyn's link. Ancestry did the same to me this morning

UK Apprentices Indentured in the Merchant Navy 1824-1910. Chs Gapp Boulter


Charles' ticket details


Charles Gapp Boulter

Ticket No 346477

Born Kennington, Surrey 11th April 1830

Capacity of app. Age when Ticketed 16

Height Gaining, Complexion Fair, Hair Auburn, Eyes Brown

First went to sea as a boy in 1844

When unemployed resides at Long Acre

Issued at London 1846


21-05-19, 11:14
Oh just ignore above Jay. I should have re-read opening post re FMP

Have been looking. Elusive is the word.


21-05-19, 13:04
Following on from that 1855 census, there is an unsourced tree on Ancestry that has the son as Charles Robert Boulter born 6 Nov 1852 New York baptised 25 Nov 1852 New York, parents Charles Boulter & Jane Wainwright.

It then has Jane marrying Israel Ottolangui 4 Nov 1857 at Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church, Cambridge, Mass & then dying from an abscess 7 Nov 1858 at the Massachusetts Hospital, Boston. It also attributes another child to her, Abraham Ottolangui Langley in 1856??

21-05-19, 13:59
Looking at the record for Charles Gapp Boulter in the UK Apprentices Indentured in the Merchant Navy, the date in the column 'date indenture expires' column has been crossed out and there is a note that appears to say that he has 'run'. The ship was the Prince Oscar and he was apprenticed to James Hutchinson Lawson. Google tells me the ship was a brigg, built 1842 Sunderland and registered to JH Lawson & Co of South Shields.

Janet in Yorkshire
21-05-19, 16:32
Thanks, Carolyn, Vera and Teasie.

I'd seen both the apprenticeship record and seaman's register for Charles Gapp Boulter on FMP and also two similiar records for a Charles GAPP (no Boulter) with a different seaman number, different dates for events and different pob. But BOTH sets of records had the same date of birth. I strongly suspect they are for the same person - the boys were recorded with the surname GAPP in 1851 census, when they were in the workhouse.

I have no idea whether or not the 1855 USA record is for the same person - it was the occupation "mariner," place of birth England and an approximately correct year of birth which caught my attention. I was hoping to locate a possible marriage record for Charles senior, or a death record, or something which recorded his place of birth or name of his father.
No great worry as this is a parallel family history line. My 6Xgt gdfather married twice. I am descended from the second marriage; a clean living, ordinary and rather boring line of labourers. The only surviving son from the first marriage married into a Quaker family - they were literate, were in trade, had a comfortable lifestyle and some led very interesting lives. The Gapp Boulters belonged to this line and I have greatly enjoyed unearthing lots of information about this "second" family. I'm trying to fill in a few gaps, tie up the loose ends and then draw a line under my "Quaker lot."

I've only just recovered from my lengthy "struggles" with my Irish RC cohort and was hoping for something a bit easier to un-tease. But how wrong can one be? :rotfl: :rotfl:


21-05-19, 20:09
I wonder why Joseph was baptised in Kennington when they were living in Brighton?

Janet in Yorkshire
21-05-19, 21:18
I wonder why Joseph was baptised in Kennington when they were living in Brighton?
It was the family home area of Joseph senior, where his parents and some of his brothers still lived. I think his wife was also from that area - I suspect it was work which took him to Brighton.