View Full Version : GRO reference needed please

12-05-19, 11:19
I am looking for the GRO reference for All Saints church maidstone. Somebody has found an album with some wedding photos and would like to find the owner. All it has is All saints June 1942 on the album. And some photos from Sheerness and Loose Valley. I was kind of hoping it has a connection tomy family.
I looked on freebmd but would need to reference for All Saints to narrow it down

12-05-19, 11:21
one of the photos also says tovil which is also a parish in that area

Lin Fisher
12-05-19, 11:41
Hi Gloryer

If you go onto Freebmd and go to info, district, official district and scroll down to Maidstone. The ref appears but is different for certain years. Might help you though.

12-05-19, 15:39